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Khaos Jordan, whose social media handle is Ayoo Khaos, is a social media influencer, TikTok celebrity, and Instagram celebrity from the United States. At the moment, he holds an enlisted position in the United States Navy. Khaos, a Virginia native, initiated his social media presence between the beginning and middle of the 2010s. Presumably, he initially designated the Ayoo_Khaos handle for his Twitter account, which he established in May 2013. Over the years that followed, he implemented it on numerous additional social media platforms and rose to prominence as an internet personality. He maintains a following of more than 780,000 on Instagram. He has amassed in excess of sixty thousand followers and 770 thousand hearts on TikTok. Recently, for unknown reasons, he purged the majority of his content from TikTok and Instagram. Although he remains active on social media, his posts have become more irregular in nature.

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Ascend to Fame

Khaos commenced his ascent to prominence on social media platforms between the early and mid-2010s. Presumably, he created his most ancient Twitter account under the handle Ayoo_Khaos in May 2013. After utilizing that account through November of that year, he proceeded to establish an additional account in July 2014 with the username Og_Khaos. Since utilizing it in 2018, he has amassed approximately nine thousand followers.

Multiple sources indicate that Khaos has been active on Instagram since at least 2015. His initial platform videos featured him dancing to popular melodies. Since then, he has removed the majority of his Instagram content. In February 2016, the earliest video on the platform was uploaded. His TikTok page is likewise unaltered. He began posting there prior to the merger when the domain was still referred to as musical.ly. In fact, the application featured him on multiple occasions. Nonetheless, his website appears to have removed all but a handful of the recordings that are still accessible for viewing.

The day after establishing a personal YouTube channel in February 2015, Khaos uploaded his initial video to the platform. Three years have passed since his last mention of the channel. However, it has garnered over eighty thousand views and approximately three thousand subscribers. ‘Watchu Talm Bout’ was a collaboration between Khaos and Instagram celebrity Nyema. Flyy The Producer and DJ Smallz 732 collaborated on the single’s production. Khaos, who recently enlisted in the United States Navy, has uploaded multiple photographs of himself donning his Navy uniform.

Individual Life About Khaos

Khaos was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on January 31, 1999. His married older sister, Dajanay Chambers, is an accomplished Instagram celebrity in her own right. She has more than twenty thousand platform followers. In 2016, he allegedly dated fellow social media personality Liddlenique; however, that relationship ultimately came to an end.

He was reportedly in a relationship with Elleise Marie, whose social media handle is bbylee_ or simply Lee. The two women were identified as Lee. They co-founded the YouTube channel Khaos&Lee in February of that year and uploaded their inaugural video, a question-and-answer segment, without delay. Nevertheless, the channel appears to have ceased to exist.

Estimated Net Worth

Ayoo is one of the wealthiest American Instagram celebrities. Based on our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Ayoo Khaos has an estimated net worth of $5 million.