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The Ballinger family has its own YouTube channel, which is operated by Bailey’s father Christopher Ballinger. Every Monday, magic feats are posted on the channel. Over 750,000 people watch and subscribe to the family. ‘Bailey’s Book Shelf’ is Bailey’s own part on her father’s channel. Readers thought Bailey was incredibly adorable and endearing. She started her own YouTube channel, “Bailey Ballinger,” and in just one year, it had more than 19,000 subscribers. She is also the niece of two prominent YouTube stars, Colleen Ballinger and Rachel Ballinger, whose vlogs have a combined audience of 4.5 million and 1.5 million subscribers. Little Bailey is therefore surrounded by well-known YouTubers. She has made her own channel successful by utilizing the strategies and counsel of both her father and her aunts.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

When Bailey was just one year old, she made her first appearance in her aunt Colleen’s vlog. Since then, she has appeared in several of her aunt’s videos. Bailey also made an appearance in her father’s “Duet with Bailey” video from February 2014. After the video garnered a lot of positive feedback, he made the decision to start a Bailey-focused section on his channel. As a result, he created “Bailey’s Book Review.”

Bailey frequently reviews books from her book library in the vlogs, usually one new book per week. It is a book review written from a child’s point of view. More than a million people have watched Colleen and Bailey’s question-and-answer video. With the aid of her mother, Bailey started her own self-titled YouTube channel in 2015. She uploads vlogs to her channel; her first vlog, in which she introduced her channel and expressed her excitement about editing her own vlogs, had over 56,000 views.

Why Bailey Is So Special?

Since she was four years old, Bailey has appeared online. She was a toddler when many people first met her as a child. She is unique in that little has changed about her; she is still just as adorable as she was when we first met her. She remains animated and adorable. She is now more autonomous, and that is the only difference. Because of her high level of sensitivity, she chose the word “love” as her favorite right away.

She claimed to adore her heart since she only understands how to love. Bailey is a sweet older sibling who cares for and guards her two younger brothers, Jacob and Parker. She has a lovely voice that represents her innocent personality, and she is an aspiring singer who sings in a children’s choir and frequently performs solo.

Bailey’s Past Fame

Bailey is more than simply a name on the screen because of his celebrity. She enjoys several different pastimes. She enjoys painting and crafting because it appeals to her creative side and she finds it fascinating and clever. She participates in ballet competitions and is learning to dance the ballet. She can sing and play the piano, and she has one at home. She enjoys meeting new people and going on adventures. She is a girl scout.

Spanish is the one language that she would most like to learn. She adores all hues with the exception of darker tones like black and brown. Bunnies are her preferred animal species. She enjoys Disney films immensely. Elsa from the movie “Frozen” is her favorite Disney character. If given the chance, she would like to transform into a mermaid in order to become friends with Ariel, a Disney Princess. She also enjoys reading, and her favorite authors are Dr. Seuss.

Behind The Scenes

She was conceived by Jessica Ballinger, a housewife, and Christopher Ballinger, a well-known YouTuber, magician, and author. Bailey was the couple’s first child following their marriage; they had been high school sweethearts. Jacob and Parker are her two younger brothers, and she also has a third sibling on the way due to her mother’s ongoing pregnancy. The mother of the family homeschools all of the children.

Given that all of her children are quite clever, Jessica has done a good job of providing for their educational needs. Bailey is a smart young lady who enjoys asking questions and solving issues. She already knows what she wants to do with her life; when she grows up, she wants to either be a policewoman or a nurse.

The majority of Bailey’s time is spent with her immediate family as well as her aunts and uncles. If she could have three wishes, she would want to have a lot of money, have more siblings, and have Disneyland tickets that never expire, she said when asked.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest American YouTube stars is Bailey. According to our research, Bailey Ballinger has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.


Bailey Ballinger performs solo songs and is a member of a choir.