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The co-founder of the wildly successful YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms is the charismatic performer Bart Kwan. He is an American Cantonese who was born in Taiwan. Kwan began his “comedy performances” far too early in life, but after dismissing them as a viable professional path, he turned his attention to more conventional jobs. Kwan quickly found his true passion, though, and he and his friend Joe Jo launched the JustKiddingFilms YouTube channel. The main goal was to openly and comedically address social, contemporary, and cultural issues. They did, however, make a point of capturing, relating to, and playing with universal emotions as well. It’s interesting to observe how well-matched Kwan and Joe are with one another. Their shared upbringing and formative experiences have given them a unique perspective on comedy. This is demonstrated by the fact that the group has amassed a global following on YouTube, with more than 15 million subscribers and 125 million views.

The Epic Ascent To Stardom

A multi-talented individual, Bart Kwan shot to fame when he and his buddy Joe Jo started the “JustKiddingFilms” YouTube channel. Kwan is not only a co-founder of the well-known channel, but also its writer, director, and actor. Kwan first had the thought to start a YouTube channel while attending the University of California, Los Angeles. With a lighthearted tone, “JustKiddingFilms” tackles a variety of causes and social, modern, and cultural challenges. He uses a comic twist to bust long-standing beliefs and parables. According to the YouTube description, “Teaching Good Things in a Bad Way” is exactly what the videos under “JustKiddingFilms” are about.

Kwan created many other channels as a result of the channel’s success, including “JustKiddingParty” and “JustKiddingNews.” He has also created a brand-new YouTube channel called “JustKiddingGamer,” where viewers can pass the time by watching videos of various games. Kwan has been invited to perform internationally, speak on panels at prestigious film festivals, headline events at illustrious universities, and work with award-winning directors, producers, musicians, and other comedians. This is because the ‘JustKiddingFilms’ channel has generated such fervor and excitement. Kwan started the Bart & Geo channel, a separate platform within the JustKidding network, where he shares videos of his personal life and his adventures with Geo since their big wedding day in 2015. Additionally, he has worked on short films like “She Has a Boyfriend” and “GunFu.”

Kwan co-owns a fitness center with his wife and is a fitness freak as well. They co-own and operate the workout channel Barbell Brigade. There are numerous series in it that address one or more subjects. Barbell Brigade currently airs the shows Gym Rats, Veins and Gains, Pregnant Powerlifters, Raw Workouts, and BB Gym Vlogs. Along with Joe Jo and David So, Kwan also owns a Popbar franchise and GoForBroke Apparel.

Individual Life of Bart Kwan

On November 18, 1985, Bart Kwan was born in California, USA. He was six when his parents split up. He does, however, continue to have good relationships with both his mother and father. Kwan began honing his comic abilities as a young child. The young child kept himself amused at home by sitting in front of the camera and performing strange things while his parents were away at work. This permeated his entire existence and contributed to his personality.

After graduating, he trained to become a doctor and enlisted in the US Marine Corps, but he abandoned all of that to follow his innate passion for comedy and entertainment. He set out and enrolled in a number of acting and comedy lessons with Joe Jo before setting the groundwork for Just Kidding Films. Aside from being funny, Kwan enjoys playing the drums and has done so since the fifth grade.

He adores the water. He keeps Meatloaf, Briggy, and Fawn as pets. Kwan never had a girlfriend during his time in high school or college who would stick around for more than five months. Prior to meeting Geovanna Antoinette, whom he dated for five years before being married in 2015, he was afraid of commitment.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Bart Kwan is about $1 million.