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Famous for sharing art tutorials on her own channel, Baylee Jae is a well-known YouTube artist. She also uploads vlogs to a channel named “Bumble Baylee.” Her third channel, “Doodle Domain,” offers children’s painting lessons. Jae’s popularity extends beyond YouTube. She has so far provided credits for several animated TV series and feature films. Capable of many talents and intelligence, the Canadian artist is well-versed in both animation and drawing. Her presentation style is distinct and her tutorials are excellent. Personally, Jae is a contented wife and mother. She is quite close to her two siblings. One of her motivations for using the social networking platform is her desire to make connections with the outside world. Jae frequently engages in live video chats with her fans and followers since she adores them so much. She has the same intense love for her online vlogging business as many other YouTubers.

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Ascent to Fame

October 27, 2011, saw the introduction of Baylee Jae’s channel of the same name. She has been posting amazing art videos on it ever since. She has published a lot of art-related content, ranging from speedpainting and animations to art tutorials and hauls. She does really great and entertaining craft videos, such as “Painting Beauty and the Beast Nesting Dolls” and “How to Make Button Sets.” These are carefully explained to assist individuals who are new to making crafts. In addition to craft videos, Baylee Jae creates really good marker illustrations. For those who wish to learn how to illustrate, these drawing videos are essential for viewing. Aside from this, the channel’s other art-related stuff is also worthwhile to watch.

Additional YouTube channel ‘Bumble Baylee’ is run by Baylee Jae. This channel, which debuted on November 22, 2012, is devoted to vlogs. The channel, which has a ton of footage, shows off Jae’s daily activities. ‘Doodle Domain’ is the name of the YouTuber’s third channel. She provides kids with step-by-step painting tutorials on this channel. The channel is a one-stop shop for kids looking to study art and drawing, with over 170 videos.

Regarding the Canadian artist’s fame on YouTube, over 132 million videos have been viewed on her channel, Baylee Jae, which now has over a million subscribers. To far, the “Bumble Baylee” channel has amassed over 42 million views and over 206k subscribers. As of right present, Jae’s third channel, “Doodle Domain,” has over 47,000 subscribers.

In addition, Baylee Jae has professional experience working on several animated feature films and TV episodes.

Individual Life of Baylee Jae

On October 3, 1990, Baylee Jae Neubeker was born in Canada. She has an older brother named Wendell and a younger sister named Brooklyn. She began her YouTube account while studying animation at college. After she won a competition on YouTuber SoCraftastic’s channel in 2013, the latter gave her an iPad. Jae tied the knot with Christian, her longtime partner, in October 2017.

Net worth of Baylee Jae

The estimated net worth of Baylee Jae is about $1 million.