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Bea Alonzo is an actress, model, and singer of British-Filipino origin. She struggled initially, but once she made her breakthrough, she never looked back and paved the way for her to become an international sensation. She received critical acclaim in the early stages of her acting career for her roles in films such as ‘Now that I have You’ and ‘Dreamboy’, and she launched her television career concurrently with series such as ‘Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay’, ‘It Might be You’, and ‘ASAP’. She continued to play major roles in her projects and gradually established herself, eventually landing the lead role in the sitcom ‘I Love Betty La Fea,’ which was a remake of an American sitcom. Bea was praised for her comic timing and acting chops in the lead role of Betty. Her career has since expanded to include several films and television series, including the super hit ‘Sana Bukas pa ang Kaha,’ for which she has received numerous awards and nominations. Bea released her debut album ‘The Real Me’ in 2008 and quickly established a strong presence in the music industry.

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Childhood & Adolescence

Bea Alonzo was born in Rizal, Philippines on 17 October 1987 to a British father and a Filipino mother. She was the family’s eldest child, and confronting her parents’ separation at the tender age of four was a traumatic experience for her. It left her scarred for a long time afterwards, but also strengthened her resolve.

She was raised by three women in her life: her mother, grandmother, and aunt, and this constant movement caused her psychological distress. As a result of this hectic lifestyle, she developed depression and stated in interviews that she felt isolated and alone during her early adolescent years.

She somehow completed her primary school education by the time she began fantasizing about a career in film. She began honing her acting skills on her own and was discovered at the age of 13 by talent manager Archie Ilagan. He recognized the young girl’s burning desire to accomplish great things with her life and decided to help her hone her skills. In 2000, she was immediately accepted into the ABS-CBN Star Circle Batch.

Her grandmother encouraged her to enter beauty contests, as it would have been the ideal platform for Bea to launch her entertainment career. Bea was determined not to let her career deviate from acting, and confident in her abilities as an actor, she continued auditioning for roles in television and feature films.

After months of auditioning, she was finally cast in a minor role in the series ‘K2Bu’. And from there to a starring role in the series ‘Kay Tagal Kang Hanintay,’ she auditioned for a few more roles.

Career of Bea

‘Kay Tagal Kang Hanintay’ premiered in 2012, with Bea portraying Katrina, who falls in love with her older sister’s first love. The soap opera was a huge success with both audiences and critics, and became the first Filipino soap opera to be nominated for an International Emmy Award. Bea benefited enormously from her early success, and she was also nominated for her performance at the PMPC Star Awards.

In 2004, she received another nomination for a PMPC Star Award for the series ‘It Might Be You,’ and in the same year, she was ranked 36th on FHM Philippines’ 100 Sexiest Women list.

After making her film debut in 2003 with ‘My First Romance,’ she starred in ‘Now That I Have You,’ a romantic drama film that received mixed reviews from critics but was a financial success.

In 2006, she won a slew of acting awards for her lead role in the television series ‘Maging Sino ka Man,’ including the Outstanding Performance as an Actress Award at the Annual Visionary Awards and the PMPC Drama Awards’ Best Drama Actress honor.

Music had always been another passion of hers, and after establishing herself as an actor, she concentrated on her musical endeavors, culminating in the 2008 release of her debut album ‘The Real Me.’ Her already sizable and growing fan base ensured the album’s success, and while music critics were less than complimentary about the album’s quality, the album was a success.

Later that year, she joined the cast of the sitcom ‘I Love Betty La Fea,’ in which she portrayed Betty. The series was a Filipino adaptation of a popular sitcom in which Bea portrayed a highly intelligent girl who is teased by her coworkers due to her unusual appearance. That year, Bea won the MTRCB Award for Best Actress.

‘And I love you so’, released in 2009, was another high point in her already flourishing acting career. The film was a smash hit, and Bea’s portrayal of a girl experiencing heartbreak following the death of her adoring husband received widespread acclaim. Bea was steadily establishing her as a female jack of all trades, with her naturally diverse range of roles ranging from dramas to comedies.

In addition to the numerous awards she received for her performances, she was constantly adorned with accolades for her appearance. In 2009, she won the Yes! Magazine Awards for Best Dressed Celebrity and Most Powerful Celebrity.

She experienced another wave of success with the 2013 romantic melodrama film ‘The Mistress,’ which focused on a love triangle between two men and a woman. The film was a critical and commercial success, eventually becoming one of the year’s highest grossing films. And the film gradually grew in popularity, eventually becoming the 16th highest grossing Filipino film of all time.

Following her numerous award nominations for her performance in ‘The Mistress,’ Bea continued to wow audiences with her portrayal of a heartbroken lawyer in the 2016 film ‘The Love Affair.’ Although the film received mixed reviews from critics, there was no doubt about the film’s financial success, as it went on to become a box office smash. Bea was named the winner of the Luna Award for Best Actress for her heartbreaking portrayal of a broken woman.

The massive success of her film ‘A Second Chance’ also helped her establish herself as a fan favorite at a number of 2016 award shows.

Apart from acting, Bea has hosted numerous television variety shows, and as a result of her consistent appearances outside of her fiction projects, she has remained a beloved celebrity among her fans throughout her career.

Private Life of Bea

Although Bea Alonzo has stated that she is single at the moment, she has previously been linked to a number of her co-stars. John Lloyd Cruz and Gerald Anderson are among those on the list. According to reports, she was in a relationship with Gerald for approximately a year.

Her lengthy relationship with fellow actor Zanjoe Marudo has also made headlines. They dated from 2010 to 2016.

Estimated Net Worth

The net worth of Bea is about $6million.