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Ben Bruce is a musician and actor from England who is best known as the main guitarist and songwriter for the band ‘Asking Alexandria.’ He formed the band in Dubai and dissolved it when he moved to England. However, he took the initiative to re-form the band under the same name but with new bandmates, and they became well-known after releasing five albums on the American record label ‘Sumerian Records.’ Their third album, ‘From Death to Destiny,’ debuted at number one on the ‘Top Hard Rock Albums chart, marking their third album in a run to chart in the top ten in the United States. He wanted to be associated with every element of music, so he founded ‘KBB Records.’ He also played the character of ‘Leo Donovan in the American horror film ‘American Satan.’ He was named one of the ‘Top 12 Hot Male Guitar Artists for 2012’ by Guitar World and twice named the ‘Hottest Male’ at the ‘Kerrang! Awards. He is presently married to Ciara Bertjens, with whom he has two children: Fae and Fynn. He has recently uploaded his fatherhood adventures to his ‘YouTube series, ‘Daddy Diaries.’ His admirers have watched the series in large numbers.

Youth and Adolescence

Benjamin Paul Bruce was born on October 31, 1988, in Wandsworth, South London, UK. He relocated to Dubai with his family when he was six years old and returned to Nottingham, England, in 2006 to pursue a music career.
BB King and Eric Clapton influenced him, and he acquired a strong interest in blues, pop punk, and metallic rock. He began playing the electric guitar at the age of 12 and by the age of 17, he was singing heavy rock.

Ben Bruce’s Career

He established his own band, ‘Asking Alexandria,’ in Dubai in 2006. They quickly published their debut album, ‘The Irony of Your Perfection.’ The band performed live in the city but did not receive the reaction they had hoped for.
He went to England later that year. However, his band disbanded within a month of his return to his native country.

Bruce continued his musical career by forming a new band of the same name, for which he was the primary songwriter and collaborator in addition to being the lead guitarist. His early days in England were difficult because, in addition to songwriting and being the lead guitarist, he had to put the band together and give it its own personality. They went on a few tours and rehearsed until late at night in his apartment to create their signature heavy metallic rock sound.

Danny Worsnop, his new main singer, was among the members of his new lineup. ‘Stand Up and Scream,’ their first official debut album, was released in 2009 by the American record companies ‘Sumerian Records and ‘Victory Records,’ and was produced by Joey Sturgis. In the United States, the album charted at number four on the ‘Top Heatseekers list, number 29 on the ‘Top Independent Albums list, and number 24 on the ‘Top Hard Rock Albums list.

‘Reckless and Relentless,’ the band’s second record, was released in 2011 by ‘Sumerian Records’ and Joey Sturgis. The album moved internationally and was well received in the United Kingdom and Australia, peaking at number seven on the ‘UK Rock Chart’ and number thirty on the ‘Australian Albums Chart.’

In 2013, they released their third record, ‘From Death to Destiny,’ on Sumerian Records. The album was their most successful endeavor, reaching number one on the list of “Top Hard Rock Albums,” number 11 in Australia, and number 28 in the United Kingdom. This was their third hit album in a row, with multiple tracks reaching the top ten on different music charts.

He appeared as a solo performer in the cover compilation of ‘Florence + The Machine,’ released by ‘Sumerian Records,’ in 2014, singing ‘Shake it Out.’ He then focused on the vocals for his solo record, which was more traditional rock ‘n’ roll.

Ben wished to be involved in all aspects of music, so he founded ‘KBB Records’ with Kyle Borman in 2014. In June 2014, the business released its first album, ‘From the Ground Up,’ by the rap-metal band ‘Scare Don’t Fear,’ in collaboration with ‘Caroline Records. Their next album was for the metal band ‘The Family Ruin’ the same year.
He also starred as ‘Leo Donovan in the American thriller film ‘American Satan,’ which was released in October 2017.

The albums ‘Stand Up and Scream’ (2009), ‘Reckless & Relentless’ (2011), ‘From Death to Destiny (2013), ‘The Black’ (2016), and ‘Asking Alexandria’ was published by Major Works (2017).
‘KBB Records’ has published albums by bands such as ‘Scare Don’t Fear,’ ‘The Family Ruin,’ ‘Run 2 Cover,’ and ‘A Fall To Break.’

Honors and Recognition

He was named ‘Altpress Musician of the Year’ in 2011. He was dubbed the ‘Hottest Male’ at the ‘Kerrang! Awards’ in 2012 and was named one of ‘Guitar World’s’Top 12 Male Guitar Players.’ At the 2013 ‘Kerrang! Awards,’ he has been voted the ‘Hottest Man.’

Ben’s Private Affairs

He had an infatuation with Zora, the sister of ‘Asking Alexandria’s drummer, James, when he was 18 years old. However, he lacked the courage to express his emotions to her, and the relationship did not progress. In 2013, he married Samantha Cassaro, but the couple separated in 2015.

They didn’t have any kids. He started a relationship with Ciara Bertjens, whom he met on the ‘Warped Tour,’ in 2015. Fae was born in September 2016 and the pair married in June 2017. Fynn, their son, was delivered in October 2017. Ben has proven to be a caring father who has stayed faithful to his wife.

He is busy on social media, where he has posted several photographs of his family and is willing to engage in discussions with his followers. He also shared his fathering adventures on YouTube in the ‘Daddy Diaries’ series. His films have received a lot of attention.

Estimated Net Worth

Ben Bruce is one of the wealthiest and most popular guitarists. Ben Bruce’s net worth is $5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


The initial cast of ‘Asking Alexandria’ in Dubai was very different from the cast of 2008. Ben Bruce formed the band for the second time in England, with Danny Worsnop as lead singer, Ben as lead guitarist, Cameron Liddell as rhythm guitarist, James Cassells as a drummer, and Sam Bettley as bass guitarist. Denis Stoff later joined the ensemble as a singer.

In 2011, he launched an online clothing brand that was unrelated to the band. The website went offline in June 2013. He has, however, stated that he will be back with new designs shortly. In early 2015, Bruce and Danny Worsnop had a falling out because Worsnop was more focused on the band ‘We Are Harlot.’ They denied any split and continued to act together after a brief hiatus. During the intermission, Bruce was seen playing solo.