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Young American social media personality Ben Hampton, also known online as “Young Savage,” became well-known in 2017 after his Instagram and YouTube videos went viral. He is a member of “the internet’s most notorious and exclusive vlog squad,” Team 10, which is run by well-known social media influencer and YouTuber Jake Paul. He has collaborated with Paul on some of his own videos in addition to appearing in several of his. In addition to his videos with Jake Paul and “Team 10,” he has also produced a few videos on practical jokes, cooking, and taste tests. Prior to becoming well-known on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, he held the position of CEO for the nonprofit group Save Da Bears, which sold teddy bears and donated a portion of the proceeds to bear protection programs. Even at this young age, he already has a long list of merchandise available online from the Fanjoy web store, such as t-shirts and hoodies.

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Become a Star

After Ben Hampton was born, his mother Stephanie Hampton decided to go all out on social media because she loved to dress up the baby in OshKosh B’gosh and SpongeBob T-shirts. His parents eventually decided to make a separate Instagram profile for him after seeing how many people liked the photos of his coordinated outfits on their personal accounts. His social media journey began when they posted a picture of him at his kindergarten graduation in February 2017. Due to his father’s connections in the social media community from his work as a social media consultant, he was able to work on projects with well-known YouTube star Jake Paul and quickly distinguished himself from other well-dressed children online.

After joining Paul’s social media team, “Team 10,” in December 2017, Ben Hampton first made headlines. He then started appearing alongside Paul on various social media websites, such as YouTube and Instagram. The young person has built up a sizable fan base in a short period of time on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. His social media fame has also carried over into his offline life, as he is frequently deluged with requests from fans for selfies and is frequently recognized when out and about. In fact, at a pop-up shop in Los Angeles in December 2017, he had to scrawl his initials on fans’ iPhone cases, sweatshirts, and shoes because he is still learning to read and write and can’t sign his name yet.

Past Fame of Ben Hampton

When Ben Hampton was just two years old, he started watching hours of YouTube videos about toy reviews. He developed a greater interest in gaming videos as he moved from kindergarten into first grade and began to watch vlogs by gaming streamers and other well-known creators. As a result, he was familiar with the website before he rose to fame on YouTube. While his early success came from Instagram, the then-6-year-old prodigy confidently faced the camera and answered that his ultimate dream was to become a well-known YouTuber. By assisting him to mingle with prominent figures in the industry, his father has already laid the foundation.

Ben Hampton also produces professionally produced videos, which are shot and edited by a videographer from his father’s production company before being posted online. His mother is in charge of dressing him appropriately for the event, and they frequently post pictures of him wearing these outfits on his Instagram profile as teasers for what is to come. However, Ben’s father claims that the fundamental ideas are all his own. In an interview, his father stated that they are aware that as Ben gets older, he will need to be ready to deal with negative online commentary as well. Additionally, he emphasized that Ben is free to end all of these at any time because this is not their business model. They don’t want him to take pictures in “clothes that his mom picks out when he’s 13,” the speaker continued, adding that they want to foster the natural entertainer in him.

Behind The Scenes

Ben Hampton was born to Branden and Stephanie Hampton in Fresno, California, on May 9, 2011. His two older siblings are male. His father is a social media consultant, who primarily runs most of Ben’s social media accounts, with help from his mother as well. Ben achieved online notoriety in 2017 while still in first grade. His parents go to great lengths to maintain his normal life, despite his rapidly rising fame as a social media star. He now goes to a Fresno public elementary school. His after-school pursuits include playing soccer in a league and taking ballet, jazz, and hip-hop dance classes.

Estimated net worth

Regarding Ben Hampton’s earnings, he is a well-known YouTuber and Instagrammer who has amassed a respectable sum of money through his social media career. His earnings are not, however, made public online. However, the estimated net worth of some online resources ranges from $1 million to $5 million. He is currently enjoying a lavish lifestyle with her family.