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Ben Jardine is a British reality TV star who is most known for his participation on reality competition programs including “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Married At First Sight.” In September 2017, when he wed Stephanie Saintremy on the set of Channel 4’s extreme dating program “Married At First Sight” just moments after meeting her, he made his television debut. They were the only couple that did remain together after the reality program finished, but their union only lasted for about six months. In August 2018, Ben made a second appearance as a housemate on the reality TV program “Celebrity Big Brother 22 (UK)” on Channel 5. He was kicked off the show after 16 days. He “runs his own very successful property consultancy” business in addition to reality television. He is overseen by White Management, a PR and public relations firm.

Become a Star

Ben Jardine became well-known as a contestant on the contentious Channel 4 reality series “Married At First Sight.” He married Stephanie Saintremy, a total stranger, in front of the camera during the third season of the show. His extravagant lifestyle and dubious life decisions have kept him in the news ever since. Most recently, after making an appearance as a housemate on Series 22 of the programme in August 2018, he caused controversy on the sets of another reality TV program, “Celebrity Big Brother.” His fame from reality TV has also helped him get followers on social media, particularly Instagram.

Individual Life of Ben Jardine

Ben Jardine was born Benjamin Jardine in 1982 in the English city of Bromley, which is a part of the London Borough of Bromley. He claimed to have been raised as a Catholic lad and to take marriage seriously, but he did not put up enough effort to keep his marriage to Stephanie together.

Relations, Debates, and Scandals

It should come as no surprise that Ben Jardine’s life will be filled with highly publicized scandals and problems given that he wed a complete stranger on television. On September 30, 2017, he made his first public appearance on the reality television program “Married At First Sight,” where he announced his engagement to Stephanie Saintremy, a police officer who was 32 years old at the time. He was spotted cuddling up to a buddy in January 2018 while still married to Stephanie, and the person stated that they had been dating for some time. He had a one-night fling with another buddy, who later fell pregnant with his child, it was also revealed. In the midst of this, he continued to appear for a radio interview on FUBAR and said that he was divorcing Stephanie, breaking her heart. He later acknowledged that he didn’t love Stephanie, but he said that they had made an effort to “make it work,” adding that he didn’t get married in order to be divorced.

To support his claim, he admitted that he had never considered that, under UK law, the two of them would need to cohabitate for a year before they could obtain a divorce. After all the deception, he claims he decided to end the relationship six months in order, to be honest with himself, Stephanie, and everyone else who had believed they would “sort it out.” He flirted with the host of the radio show, Lizzie Cundy, and said to Luisa Zissman that Steph “was a little bit suffocating” during the interview. Interestingly, Zissman faced backlash from fans for body-shaming Steph and calling her crazy after posting portions of the interview on her Instagram.

Ben and Silvia Sanchis, who was pregnant with his kid, had moved into his South London property while Stephanie’s divorce processes were ongoing. This information came to light as he made an appearance on “Celebrity Big Brother” in August 2018, where he developed a strong bond with Roxanne Pallett, an actress from “Emmerdale,” who was also seeing someone outside of the program. They were always together; he even expressed his love for her when she falsely accused Ryan Thomas, a flatmate, of hitting her. Sanchis was shocked and accused them both of “treating relationships very lightly,” going on to charge Pallett with “leading him on.” She acknowledged her love for Ben and her plans for a future with their child, but also said she intended to end their relationship after the incident. She left his house by the time he returned after being ousted from the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. While she acknowledged that she fervently desires for her child to have a father, she asserted that there is an 80% probability that they will divorce.

Net Worth of Ben Jardine

The estimated net worth of Ben Jardine is around $1 million.