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English YouTuber Ben Loller is well-known for posting virtual reality and other game footage on his channel, “Lokey Games.” In addition, he is well-known for the videos he uploads on his side channel reviewing products. When it comes to creating playthrough and walkthrough video game content, Loller is skilled. His flawless linguistic abilities are further demonstrated in his gaming films that are filled with commentary. Loller, a native of Guernsey, amuses audiences with his gaming videos and educates them about new products by posting honest evaluations. The hilarious, amusing, and funny individual has a distinct personality. He is honest and forthright. In real life, the English YouTuber is a carefree individual who embraces life and takes each moment as it comes. For him, having pleasure daily is crucial. He is a pretty private individual who doesn’t share a lot of personal information with his audience.

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Ben Loller  Ascent to Fame

On July 29, 2013, Ben Loller launched his YouTube channel, Lokey Games. A variety of gaming videos, including reviews of games, horror, survival, and Reality Oculus Rift games, may be found on this channel. ‘Eurotruck simulator 2 Harold the mad street racer!! part 1’ was the first video to be uploaded on the channel. A couple more games from the Eurotruck Simulator 2 followed, along with movies from Happy Wheels, GTA5, Outlast, and Minecraft. A non-gaming video that Loller posted on March 26, 2015, titled “Be In a Virtual Reality Air Accident Experience,” quickly garnered thousands of views and significantly increased the channel’s viewership. Currently, more than 150k people watch the Lokey Games channel.

It’s worth viewing this channel’s most popular video. In this video, “Fall out of a Plane in Virtual Reality,” Loller pretends to fall out of an aircraft. As of November 2018, this video has received over 9 million views on YouTube.

Ben Loller also manages the Lokey Reviews YouTube channel, which focuses on reviews. This channel, which was founded on January 26, 2016, has funny videos and product reviews. Loller has reviewed YouTube channels, cutting-edge tech gadgets, and more. His videos have addressed a variety of topics. You should watch every single video on this channel, Lokey Reviews! In terms of the channel’s popularity, it now has over 18,000 subscribers. “I’M Getting Crushed (Important Update)” and “Cringe And Spooky Ass Sunday Are Back” are two recent videos uploaded to this channel. g4Ga7Dk5TEI can be seen on YouTube.

Individual Life

On April 10, 1987, Ben Loller was born in Guernsey. There is very little to no information about his early years available. He hasn’t revealed the name of his son. Nor is there any information about his son’s mother.

At the moment, Loller is also active on Twitter, a social media site where he often shares his work. He used to upload videos to the Mr. Wang channel on Chatroulette./watch?v=si8Aujpf_tA on YouTube

The net worth of Ben Loller

The estimated net worth of Ben Loller is about $1 million.