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Benjamin Lasnier became a vocalist after he already had a large fan base, whereas most renowned singers develop a fan base after releasing music. Coming from a family without a musical heritage, Benjamin understood that he would need to adopt a different approach to achieve his goals. When he became popular on Instagram by posting photos, he decided to expand his social media following before introducing himself as ‘Benjamin the Singer’. Beginning with Instagram, he migrated to other social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube, where he quickly gained popularity. Sony Music, Denmark, offered him a record contract in 2013, bringing him one step closer to his ambition of becoming a singer. However, even after months, he was unable to record a single with Sony. In December 2014, he released his debut single, ‘You’ve Got My Number,’ in collaboration with Swedish talent scout Peter Swartling. Since gaining popularity as the ‘Danish Justin Bieber,’ he has released several singles, including ‘Everythang,’ ‘Chill with You,’ ‘Reckless Love,’ and ‘Love You Out Loud. Benjamin earned the MTV Europe Music Awards for ‘Best Danish Act in 2016.

The Meteoric Ascent To Fame

Benjamin Lasnier became an international celebrity after posting a single video to Instagram. However, it was his cousin Rebekka who persuaded him to join Instagram in 2013, while they were dining in a Danish restaurant. She assisted Benjamin in creating an Instagram account, after which he uploaded a humorous video. By the time he finished his pizza, his video had received over 50 likes from around the globe. The young child then realized he could become famous on the social media platform.

He followed the profiles of a few well-known Instagram users in order to gain knowledge from them. He began taking photographs from a variety of angles to make his photographs appear more dynamic. Soon, his photographs began to appear on Instagram’s popular page as a result of his consistent publishing. It took him only one month to gain seventy thousand Instagram followers.

Why Is Benjamin Lasnier So Unique?

Some young social media users may not find the uploading of 12 images per day on Instagram to be particularly remarkable, but receiving between 50,000 and 60,000 likes on the majority of those images is undoubtedly an impressive feat. It was not, however, a stroke of fate for Benjamin Lasnier. Benjamin took his newly-acquired social media fame so seriously that he spent hours researching what prominent people were doing on social media and when people in different time zones became active on different social media platforms. He not only refined the content of his posts

but also devised a schedule for posting them. He even set alarms to be prepared for his international admirers. With this shrewd strategy, he elevated his interactions with his admirers, and the number of his followers skyrocketed within weeks. His unique Instagram posting style, which frequently includes endearing captions dedicated to his admirers, gives his followers the impression that he is directly addressing them.

His enormous fan base even has a name: Benzilers. At one point, he was renowned primarily due to his physical resemblance to pop star Justin Beiber. Nonetheless, he has developed his own identity as a performer due to his immense fan base and expanding fame as a singer. Katrine Memborg has written a biography about the 17-year-old performer.

Benjamin’s Beyond Fame

Benjamin Lasnier’s desire to become a singer has been the motivating force behind his entire social media strategy. In an effort to rebrand himself after garnering notoriety as the “Instagram Boy,” he began limiting the number of selfies he posted on Instagram. Moreover, as Benjamin’s influence in the music industry grew, he progressively became too busy for social media.

The boy, who once uploaded a dozen photos on Instagram alone, now apologizes to his followers for his irregular posting habits. However, none of this is in vain. Recently, Benjamin revealed to his admirers that he is creating “killer songs” for them. Additionally, Benjamin has released his own clothing line, BeLasnier Fashion Collection.

Behind The Screen

Born in Luxembourg on 2 April 1999, Benjamin was educated in Copenhagen, Denmark. His Danish mother and French father comprise his family. His younger siblings are named Amanda, Olivia, and Marius. After discovering his extensive fan base, it was his mother, Merete Lasnier, who encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

She is also the one who encourages the young performer to disregard abusive social media comments. Batman, Benjamin’s canine, had over 42,000 Instagram followers at one point.

Estimated Net Worth

Benjamin is one of the wealthiest and most renowned pop singers in the world. Benjamin Lasnier has a net worth of $5 million, per our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.