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American military officer, politician, and spymaster Benjamin Tallmadge. He is primarily known for his participation in the American Revolutionary War’s Continental Army, where he served as the Culper Ring’s leader. His leadership of the Ring provided Washington with precise and timely intellectual guidance and set a high bar for subsequent covert intelligence operations. Tallmadge participated in the battles of Long Island and White Plains as well. He took part in the Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth wars as a dragoon. He joined the Federalist Party after the war and served as Connecticut’s at-large congressional representative in the US House of Representatives. He also became the first president of Phoenix Branch Bank and a founding member of the Cincinnati New York Society. Tallmadge, a Yale University alum, initially received instruction from his father, a Congregational priest. Before enlisting in the military, he worked as a high school headmaster as well. The American military commander had seven children from two marriages during his lifetime. Many structures, routes, and neighborhoods have been named in Tallmadge’s honor to this day. In recent years, he has been in a lot of video games, TV shows, and book series.

Early Childhood & Life

On February 25, 1754, in Setauket or Brookhaven, Province of New York, Benjamin Tallmadge was born. His father, the Rev. Benjamin Tallmadge Sr., a preacher, lived until 1786, and his mother, Susannah Smith, lived until 1768.
Nathan Hale, a future American Revolutionary War spy, was a classmate of Tallmadge’s at Yale University. In 1773, he received his university diploma.

He remained in Connecticut from 1773 until 1776, working as the Wethersfield High School’s principal.

Career of Benjamin Tallmadge

In Col. John Chester’s Connecticut militia unit, Benjamin Tallmadge received his original commission as a lieutenant in June 1776. After Nathaniel Sackett was removed from his duties for failing to make any progress against the enemy, he was appointed director of military intelligence. Tallmadge participated in the August battle of Long Island the same year. He then took part in the Battle of White Plains in October.

Tallmadge gained a promotion to major in 1777 after being assigned as a captain to the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons regiment. Tallmadge participated in the Battle of Setauket that same year as well. He led his army in the effort to free his father, who was being detained in Setauket.

Tallmadge served as a dragoon in the Long Island whaleboat raid on Fort St. George as well as the battles of Monmouth, Germantown, and Brandywine.

General George Washington, a commander of the Continental Army, gave him the order to set up an intelligence organization to operate in the British-occupied New York City in November 1778. For the balance of the war, this service—dubbed the “Culper Spy Ring”—provided frequent and reliable intelligence services to Washington regarding the characteristics and operations of the British troops in and around New York City.

Throughout the war, he ran the Ring while continuing to serve in the dragoons. Tallmadge ran the operation so expertly that the British never learned who was a part of the Spy Ring.

In 1783, Tallmadge retired from the service as a lieutenant colonel. He subsequently began running a dry goods company in Connecticut under the name “B. Tallmadge and Company” and engaged in real estate speculation in Ohio.

He joined the Federalist Party in March 1801, serving as the representative for the entire congressional district of Connecticut in the US House of Representatives. Tallmadge was in office until March 1817, when Thomas Scott Williams took over.

The former American military official was one of a group of Federalists who defended late Connecticut Senator Uriah Tracy’s reputation in 1829 against accusations made by William Plumer and John Quincy Adams that Tracy had once been the leader of a plot to split the New England states into a separate confederacy.

Later, Tallmadge went on to become the first president of Phoenix Branch Bank, a founding member of the New York Society of the Cincinnati, and its president.

Bigger Works of Benjamin Tallmadge

Long Island was successfully raided under the direction of Benjamin Tallmadge. Before their triumphant return to the home base, his soldiers destroyed enemy structures and supplies during this dangerous expedition. Tallmadge was commended by Congress for his services and got a personal letter of congratulations from George Washington.
He worked as the head of the renowned spy ring known as the Culper Ring. After leaving the military, he also started a school for Native American and Asian missionaries.

Personal Legacy & Life

On March 18, 1784, Benjamin Tallmadge married Mary Floyd. Floyd passed away in 1805. She was the daughter of Maj. Gen. William Floyd, who served as governor of New York and a signatory to the Declaration of Independence.

William Smith Tallmadge, Henry Floyd Tallmadge, Maria Jones Tallmadge, Benjamin Tallmadge, Frederick Augustus Tallmadge, Harriet Wadsworth Tallmadge, and George Washington Tallmadge were the couple’s seven children. William and Benjamin, who passed away unmarried in 1822 and 1831 respectively, were two of these. The Police Commissioner of New York City was appointed Frederick A. Tallmadge.

Following the passing of his first spouse, Tallmadge wed Maria Hallett, the friend’s daughter, in 1808.
At the age of 81, he passed away on March 7, 1835.

In recognition of Benjamin Tallmadge and his noteworthy leadership position in support of the intelligence of the Continental Army, the Tallmadge Hall at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, bears his name. Ohio’s Tallmadge is also named in his honor. Tallmadge is also the source of the name of the Benjamin Tallmadge District.

Benjamin Tallmadge’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known war heroes is Benjamin. Our research of Benjamin Tallmadge’s net worth from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is about $1.5 million.


A character named Benjamin Tallmadge appears in the video game Assassin’s Creed III. He appears as the leader of the Culper Ring in this game.

Additionally, he is the lead character in the AMC series “Turn: Washington’s Spies,” in which actor Seth Numrich portrays him. He is a captain in the show until the sixth episode when General Washington raises him to major.

Additionally, Benjamin Tallmadge can be found in the “The Dreamer” webcomic and graphic novel series.