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Updated On May 5, 2023
Kent, Ohio
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Kent, Ohio

Former “Federal Bureau of Investigation” (FBI) agent Benjamin Thomas Wolf, 42, is currently an adjunct professor of political science and human rights at “Roosevelt University” in Chicago. He is presently running to represent Illinois’ 5th Congressional District in Congress. He has declared that legalizing marijuana and enacting gun control laws are two of his top priorities, taking a very liberal stance. His popularity with liberals is steadily growing, especially among young people in his state. When he posted a photo of himself smoking marijuana in front of the American flag, he significantly advanced his campaign. He joined the “National Security” squad after being hired by the “FBI,” the American intelligence service agency, during his final year of college. Additionally, he served as an American diplomat and traveled extensively throughout Africa and other developing nations. He is a strong candidate for the position of congressman because of his humanitarian activities and his understanding of the problem the US has been facing. Mike Quigley, a member of the “Democratic Party,” is his main rival. On March 20, there will be elections, and the candidates are doing everything in their power to win over voters.

Early Childhood & Life

In Kent, Ohio, to parents who were high school teachers, Benjamin Thomas Wolf was born. This helped him understand the value of education from a young age and contributed to his academic success. He attended his home state’s schools and colleges and feels that living near to home his entire life has made him aware of the problems that his home state is facing.

He had always been drawn to social work, and when he was 12 years old, he began working leisurely in the neighborhood parks. He joined numerous organizations that aimed to improve the city’s infrastructure throughout his adolescent years.

He enrolled for his undergraduate studies at “Kent State University.” He took part in the “Washington Program in National Issues,” a 15-week academic program, while he was a college student. All university juniors and seniors who were interested in political issues and ideas were catered to by the program.

He was sought out by the “FBI” during his senior year in college. After his time at the “FBI” academy, he was transferred to the “National Security Division,” where his primary responsibility was working on anti-terrorism and national security policies.

Benjamin Wolf’s Career

He went on to become a US diplomat and traveled around Africa and other developing nations, promoting security, democracy, and human rights. He served as an advisor to numerous US ambassadors as well as four secretary of state.

He spent several years working with organizations like the “Red Cross,” “World Bank,” and “United Nations” while residing in West and North Africa. But for a long time, he was connected to the John F. Kennedy-founded organization known as the “Peace Corps.” The years Benjamin spent living in many impoverished nations, in his opinion, helped him see the value of activities that promote job creation, educational advancement, and skill-building.

Because of his commitment to social causes, Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, appointed him to the “Career Foreign Service.” He was also sent to the Middle Eastern combat areas, including Iraq. Additionally, he served as George Bush’s counselor on several of the former US president’s diplomatic journeys.

He lived for many years in Africa and the conflict-ridden regions of the Middle East before returning to Chicago and joining the “Roosevelt University,” where he taught history and government. In addition, he continued his studies for a PhD in international psychology and began employment with the “International Criminal Police Organization,” or “Interpol.” Additionally, he founded the small nonprofit group Keep Chicago Livable. His own restaurant, “Park and Field,” continues to be his primary source of revenue.

Run-up to elections

Benjamin Thomas Wolf, a candidate for the US Congress, says that providing free health care for all citizens of the nation is his top goal. His excursions to numerous underdeveloped nations, where the healthcare system was in disarray, have led him to conclude that an efficient and universal healthcare system is urgently needed.

The legalization of cannabis is one of the most contentious issues of his electoral campaigns. He is one of the select few politicians who publicly acknowledges that smoking cannabis is a regular habit and a reliable way to unwind. He also draws attention to the fact that Chicago has an approval rating of above 85% and that more than 70% of American youth support legalizing marijuana.

However, his election campaign photo, in which he is seated and smoking a joint, has generated controversy in the national press. Although he has benefited from the positive attention of liberals because of this, many conservatives disagree with him. Benjamin will do everything in his power to win the votes as the March 20 elections draw closer.

He also highlights the need to view cannabis as a medicine because numerous studies have shown that it can treat a wide range of physical and mental conditions. He also claims that making cannabis legal will increase tax receipts and have a significant effect on the criminal justice system. He claims that Illinois will legalize the selling of marijuana as the first Midwestern American state. He also identifies as a “cannabis candidate” with pride.

His final goal is to make higher education accessible to everyone. He contends that the majority of US university graduates are burdened by high student loan debt, which negatively affects both their general creativity and productivity.

Benjamin views the rising crime rate as his main cause for concern in his state-centered initiatives. In addition, he wants to strengthen labor unions, which he sees as the foundation of any nation. He is well aware of the “epidemic” of student loan debt in his state and is prepared to go to any lengths to prevent it from putting pressure on upcoming generations.

Benjamin’s Individual Life

With his wife, Benjamin Thomas Wolf has three sons. His first two sons, who are twins, were brought up in different African nations while their father traveled as a US diplomat. The family resides in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

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