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Benji Madden is a well-known American guitarist and singer who originally rose to prominence with his twin brother, Joel when the two established a band with Paul Thomas and Billy Martin and released the award-winning first album ‘Good Charlotte.’ Later, they formed a band with the same name. He is from a middle-class family with three brothers and a sister who were raised by their mother after their father abandoned them. The three brothers collaborated on a mixtape named “The Madden Brothers: Before Volume 1,” which became a hit and established their careers in music. Benji has performed as a guest performer with a variety of bands and served as a judge and coach on the popular Australian television show ‘The Voice Australia.’ He was twice engaged before marrying actress Cameron Diaz, with whom he shares a home in Beverly Hills, California. He is a man with a wide range of sports and vehicle hobbies, as well as a huge number of tattoos on his body.

Childhood and Adolescence

Benji Madden was born in Waldorf, Maryland, to Roger Combs and Robin Madden on March 11, 1979. Benjamin Levi Combs was his full name. He is one of four children in his family, and he has an identical twin named Joel Madden. Josh, his older brother, and Sarah, his younger sister, are his other siblings.

When he was 16 years old, his father abandoned his mother and children. He changed his surname from Combs to Madden after his father abandoned his mother. He grew up in Maryland, where he and his brothers and sister attended La Plata High School. The four children were close to one another and to their mother, but they were financially on their own. Benji began playing the guitar when he was 16 years old.

The brothers launched their own clothing line, ‘Made Clothing,’ as a joint venture that lasted a few years before closing owing to a lack of revenue. His elder brother was in charge of the corporation, which was eventually renamed DCMA.

In 1996, Benji and his twin brother formed the band ‘Good Charlotte,’ which achieved more success. Their mother backed them up with her encouragement and sent them to California. By 1998, they had formed a popular band with Paul Thomas on bass and Billy Martin on keyboards.

Career of Benji Madden

His band’s debut album, ‘Good Charlotte,’ was released in September 2000 and received numerous awards and recognition.
For their band, Benji and his brother worked as co-producers and writers. As their reputation grew, they began to collaborate with other artists such as Hilary Duff, Kalin, and Myles. They performed as a backup vocalists for numerous musicians and penned the hit song “Amnesia” for the band “5 Seconds of Summer.”

In 2011, the three brothers collaborated on a successful mixtape named “The Madden Brothers: Before Volume 1.” In 2012, Benji performed as a judge on the TV show ‘The Voice Australia’ and as a guest player with the band Taintstick.’

The following year, he appeared in the video for the band ‘Tonight Alive,’ singing backing on their song ‘Breakdown,’ which he co-wrote and recorded. He also played for the electronic music artist ‘TJR’ on the song ‘Come Back Down.’
The Madden Brothers’ next album, ‘Greetings from California,’ was published in 2014, and the twins also served as coaches on the television show ‘The Voice Kids Australia.’ They were well-known in the industry by this point.

Major Projects of Benji Madden

He has produced six studio albums, two compilation albums, three video albums, 19 music videos, two EPs, and twenty singles as part of the band Good Charlotte.

‘Before – Volume One’ and ‘Greetings from California’ are two albums by the Madden Brothers.
‘Let’s Go,’ by X-Ecutioners, ‘Are You Ready,’ by Hazen Street, ‘Last Train Home,’ by Lostprophets, ‘Sex Without Love,’ by Ben Lee, ‘Darkness into Light,’ by Matisyahu, and ‘Come Back Down,’ by TJR are just a few of his vocal appearances with other artists.

He played himself in the movies Fast Future Generation,’ ‘Punk’s Not Dead,’ ‘Paris Not France,’ and ‘Six Beers of Separation.’

In 2009, he served as a judge on the television show ‘Australian Idol,’ and from 2015 to 2016, he served as a coach on the show ‘The Voice Australia.’ He has starred in the TV programs ‘Punk’d’ (2004) and ‘The Electric Company’ (2011).

Benji has participated in a lot of music videos with bands such as ‘Rancid,’ ‘Junior Sanchez,’ ‘The 69 Eyes,’ ‘Brand New,’ and ‘Escape the Fate.’

Achievements & Awards

At the Kerrang Awards in 2003, his band Good Charlotte won the Best Single award for their song “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” That year, the song was also named Viewer’s Choice at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Their song “The Anthem” received People’s Choice; Favourite International Group at the MuchMusic Video Awards in 2003, as well as Best Rock Video at the MTV Video Music Awards in Japan in 2004.

Their album ‘Good Charlotte’ earned the NJR Music Awards for Best International Group in 2004, the TMF Awards for Best International Rock Act in 2005, and the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for Fave International Band in 2007.

At the MTV Australia Awards in 2007, the song ‘Keep Your Hands Off My Girl’ won Viewer’s Choice Australia.

Personal Experiences of Benji Madden

Rin Kozue, a Japanese woman, was his girlfriend, and they were engaged in 2004. The romance, however, ended after a year.

Bejni Madden had been dating Sophie Monk, an Australian actress, and model, for a time before they became engaged and were planning to marry. In 2008, however, they decided to end their engagement and go their own ways. They are still friends and in contact with each other. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Holly Madison have been associated with his name.

In 2014, he began dating actress Cameron Diaz. Within six months, the romance progressed to an engagement, and the pair married in a small Jewish ceremony in January 2015. They live blissfully in Beverly Hills, California, where they own a property.

Benji is a man with a wide range of interests. He enjoys boxing, football, and baseball in addition to music. He owns an old and modern automotive collection that includes a 1963 Ford Galaxy, Jeep Cherokee, and Porsche 911. Danzing, his cat, is also his pet.

Benji Madden Net Worth

Benji Madden is a $40 million producer, performer, and musician from the United States. Madden is most recognized for his work with the rock band Good Charlotte as the lead guitarist and backup vocalist. Benji Madden has spent much of his career working alongside his identical twin brother, Joel Madden, with whom he formed the Madden Brothers, a pop-rock band.


Benji is noted for his numerous tattoos, which include a portrait of Benjamin Franklin that spans the majority of his back and an Orioles O next to his ear.

On the show ‘Ellismania 5: Get These Brawls,’ Benji Madden competed in a boxing bout against MTV and VH1 anchor Riki Rachtman, which he won by knockout in less than two minutes.

He is a big fan of mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing and has even competed in a few amateur fights. Because of his passion for sports, he is a die-hard supporter of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team and the Washington Redskins, football team.

He is descended from English, Scottish, German, and Irish ancestors.
Joshua, his older brother, is a DJ, and Sarah, his younger sister, is the lead singer of the band ‘Her Daily Obsession.’