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Besides dancing, Benny Imprint also raps, edits, and produces music. He has, however, become well-known for the sketch comedies he frequently performs in his YouTube videos. Benny has a large following since he uses all of his skills to create a wide range of videos. Benny’s YouTube channel, “King Imprint,” is one of the most well-liked right now with more than 1.2 million subscribers. He has numerous well-known dance videos, like “iHeart Memphis – Hit the Quan Dance,” “Whip Dance,” “Drop Dance,” “Freestyle Dance with Blake,” and more. Of them, “Hit the Quan Dance” has received more than 70 million views to date. Benny has also published numerous films on choreography. He has also created dance routines for songs performed by singers like Lil Wayne and Bobby Shmurda. Benny Whip is the name of a song that he also wrote.

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YouTube’s Story of Benny Imprint

When Benny was young, he began dancing. He watched Michael Jackson as a child and views the late pop icon as an idol. Benny made the decision to make dance his full-time profession when he reached a particular age. He advertised his then-new YouTube account on a variety of social media sites.

He started the “kay jewlz” YouTube channel in 2011. After a few minor setbacks, Benny’s channel began to acquire popularity. His channel received views from the videos he uploaded, which resulted in a few new subscribers as well. Benny restructured his dancing steps in an effort to boost the popularity of the channel.

His idea of exhibiting a fresh kind of hip-hop moves reaped benefits. He was successful in his endeavor, and his subscription count also increased. In 2014, Benny launched a brand-new YouTube channel with the moniker “King Imprint.” Along with his typical dance videos, he posted prank, challenge, and comedy videos to diversify his content. By doing this, he ensured that his channel had everything needed to amuse his followers and viewers.

Bobby Shmurda Dance was the name of the first video he posted to his new channel. He had stated in the description section that some of Michael Jackson’s well-known dancing routines served as inspiration for the techniques employed in the video. Following that, he posted the performance he had given during the ‘America’s Got Talent’ tryouts.

The whip dance was the subject of Benny’s subsequent collection of videos. This specific dance style was developed by another well-known YouTube celebrity, and Benny added a fresh perspective to it. Benny published a video that he had choreographed for the song “Almost Lose It” by Trey Songz after publishing a few “Whip dance” movies.

After that, Benny published a video titled “A Day in My Life.” He worked very hard to record his everyday routine for the film, which was posted in response to his followers’ requests. There were almost 100,000 views of the video. Benny then created the “Hump Dance,” another intriguing kind of dance. For many of his hump dance videos, he teamed up with a different YouTube personality by the name of Prince Hiiikeem.

Benny later worked with MTV to create the video “MTV Cribs Parody.” It was a spoof of the Mase and Puff Daddy song “Mo Money, Mo Problems.” But the video that Benny choreographed for the song “iHeart Memphis – Hit the Quan” has received the most views to date. His followers asked for the video, and Benny delivered it flawlessly.

He subsequently switched to comedy videos, with the first in the series being titled “The Christmas Present.” His brother Mathieu basically made a spoof film for him. Benny has worked alongside his brother on the majority of his comedic videos. He also published videos of storytime. Benny and his girlfriend made a video explaining to their supporters why they broke up and the circumstances surrounding it. A video of his birthday party was also released by him. Videos like “Copy Me Challenge” on his channel also have challenges.

Benny never takes off the ski goggle that is permanently wrapped around his head. Benny responded when questioned about it saying he wanted to stand out and attempt some unusual things. He also stated that he will never remove it, under any circumstances. Additionally, he has the flag of the nation where he was born tattooed on the back of his leg. Benny claims that he feels more like a part of the nation in this way.

Personal & Family Life

Benny Imprint was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on December 7, 1999. Benny was raised in Covington, Georgia, where his family relocated soon after his birth.

Benny completed his education at Covington’s Alcovy High School. He is one of Mathieu, Joshua, Carmel, and Gloria’s four siblings. Additionally a YouTube celebrity, Mathieu has frequently worked with Benny. He also belonged to the dancing group “Team NueEra.” Benny has resided primarily in Connecticut and New York.

King Imprint Net Worth

King is among the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. King Imprint’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million based on our research of data from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.