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American actor, model, and photographer Berry Berenson perished in the September 11 terrorist attack. She was traveling aboard “American Airlines Flight 11,” one of the domestic passenger planes that was taken over on September 11, 2001, by five members of “Al-Qaeda.” In the 1960s, Berry began her modeling career. But that didn’t endure for very long. After a while, she began working as a freelance photographer, and within a few years, her images were appearing in magazines like Newsweek, Glamour, Life, and Vogue. She has finished writing a book about designer “Halston.” Additionally, Berenson was a photographer for Andy Warhol’s publication “Interview.” Her refined and exquisite photo prints are still available for purchase on websites like “Condé Nast Collection.” She has acted in movies including “Cat People” (1982), “Remember My Name” (1978), and “Winter Kills” (1979). She and her older sister also co-wrote and published the book “Dressing Up.” Berry was regarded as an outstanding woman who enjoyed life to the fullest. She was remembered as seductive, amusing, and smart.

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Early Life & Childhood

On April 14, 1948, Berinithia “Berry” Berenson was born in Murray Hill, Manhattan. Berry was from a wealthy family.
Gogo Schiaparelli, whose real name was Maria-Luisa Yvonne Radha de Wendt de Kerlor, was an Italian, Swiss, French, and Egyptian socialite. Robert Lawrence Berenson, her father, was a former American ambassador who now worked as a shipping executive.

Her father was a Jewish man from Lithuania. Marisa Berenson, her older sister, went on to become a well-known model and performer.

Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli was her maternal grandmother. Wilhelm de Wendt de Kerlor, her maternal grandpa, was a Theosophist and psychic medium.

In addition, Giovanni Schiaparelli, the Italian astronomer who thought he had found Mars’ apparent canals, was Berry’s great-grandniece. Bernard Berenson, an art critic and collector, was connected to her.
Additionally, she was the second cousin of Senda Berenson, the sister of Bernard, who was the first female athlete inducted into the “Basketball Hall of Fame.” Senda was a teacher as well.

Berry was raised in an affluent household. She went to Switzerland, France, and Italy to further her education. She made a number of well-known and powerful acquaintances at this time who were related to her mother and grandmother.

Along with Richard Gere, Philip Anglim, Penelope Milford, Robert Ozn, Ingrid Bolting, and her sister Marisa, she studied acting at “The American Place Theatre” in New York.

Berry’s career began in the 1960s as a model. But her career did not endure very long.
Berry ended her modeling career and started doing freelance photography. Her images started to appear in major magazines including Vogue, Newsweek, Life, and Glamour by 1973.

Marisa, her older sister, was already well-known as a model at this time. Editors and columnists from major fashion magazines began to take an interest in Berry as well.
Because she had known the sisters since they were little, Diana Vreeland, the editor of “Vogue,” at the time, was enthralled by Berry’s photographs. She would refer to them as “Mauretania” and “Berengaria,” like the Cunard ocean ships.

Berry was employed by Harper’s Bazaar editors as well. She also had a brief stint as an intern at Andy Warhol’s magazine Interview. She had the chance to interview and take pictures of her then-crush, actor Anthony Perkins, while she was employed by the magazine.

Her trademark black-and-white images of models exuded the height of sophistication, elegance, and class. She was an expert at both close-ups and long shots.

Her photos are still available as prints on websites like “Condé Nast Collection.” Additionally, Berry and her sister released a book called “Dressing Up,” in which Berry took the pictures and Marisa wrote some of the text. Marisa served as a book model as well.

Berry has attempted her hand at acting, making appearances in a few movies like Jeff Bridges’ Winter Kills (1979) and Anthony Perkins’ Remember My Name (1978).
Her character in “Remember My Name” was “Barbara Curry.” Alan Rudolph directed the thriller movie.

Her husband Anthony Perkins starred in the dark comedy “Winter Kills.” Critics gave the movie favorable reviews.
In 1982, she starred alongside English actor Malcolm McDowell in the American sexual horror film “Cat People.” She starred in the movie as “Sandra.”

Individual Life

On August 9, 1973, Berry wed actor Anthony Perkins on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Anthony was forty-one and Berry was twenty-five.
After being married, the couple was cast together in “Remember My Name.” She previously said that she had a great husband and amazing children and that she was happy with her life.

On February 2, 1974, she gave birth to her first son, Oz Perkins, and on February 9, 1976, to her second son, Elvis Perkins. Oz Perkins is currently a well-known filmmaker, actor, and screenwriter.
Elvis is a folk/rock musician with recordings. Berry and Perkins stayed wed until September 12, 1992, when Perkins passed away from problems related to AIDS.

On September 11, 2001, Berry tragically lost her life when five militants of “Al-Qaeda” hijacked the passenger plane she was on. “American Airlines Flight 11” was the designation of the aircraft.
A day before Perkins’s seventh death anniversary, Berry passed away. She was coming home from her Cape Cod vacation to her home in California.

Berry is honored at the “National September 11 Memorial & Museum,” in the North Pool, on Panel N-76. When she passed away, she was just 53 years old.

Berry’s friends and family characterized her as sexy and humorous. In a memorial to her, her closest friend said that she was nice and giving.

Net worth of Berry Berenson

The estimated net worth of Berry Berenson is about $1 million.