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American socialite Beth Britt is married to professional wrestler and artist Jeff Hardy. In the late 1990s, Jeff and his brother Matt gained notoriety as the Hardy Boyz. Over the last 20 years, Beth—a self-described paranormal enthusiast, wife, mother, sister, friend, and music lover—has given birth to Jeff’s two daughters and has supported him through good times and bad. She was a major factor in helping him overcome his drug addiction and resume a regular life. The parent company of TNA Impact Wrestling, Anthem Sports & Entertainment, had threatened to take her children away as their “property” because they were born while Jeff was signed to TNA, and she played a key role in generating a social media buzz against them.

Beth Britt Ascent to Fame

When Beth Britt started dating Jeff Hardy in 1999, she came to the attention of the world’s media. Since then, she has never stopped helping him in any way she can and has frequently gone with him to different occasions. 2009 saw her make another public appearance following her long-term boyfriend’s involvement in a drug scandal. Due to rumors over their relationship status following the birth of their first daughter, she frequently appeared on tabloid pages until they were eventually married in March 2011.

Individual Life of Beth Britt

On April 6, 1978, in the United States, Beth Britt was born. Although not much is known about her early years, Phillip Britt is her brother, according to her Instagram profile.

Connection to Jeff Hardy

When Beth Britt first met Jeff Hardy in 1999, it was at a bar in Southern Pines, North Carolina, where Jeff went with his tag team partner Matt Hardy, who was also a wrestler, to celebrate their first victory at the “WWF Tag Team Championships.” Soon after, the two started dating and eventually moved in together. They maintained a low profile for a long while, which occasionally led some fans to conjecture about Jeff’s romantic relationships—including one alleged liaison with fellow WWE wrestler Mickie James—but these allegations don’t appear to be supported by any evidence.

Jack, their pet dog, died in the house fire that occurred on March 15, 2008, but luckily, they were away from home at the time of the disaster. Right away, Jeff began construction on a new home in the same location. Fans observed a ring on Jeff’s hand and the fact that Beth was referred to as “Beth Hardy” on the web series “Hardy Show” in late 2009, which sparked rumors that the two were married, or at least engaged. Jeff revealed that Beth was expecting their first child in August 2010, more than ten years after they originally started dating. On October 19, 2010, Beth gave birth to Ruby Claire Hardy, their eldest daughter. The pair reportedly faced pressure from friends and family to tie the knot sooner, but on March 9, 2011, they did so. On December 31, 2015, they welcomed Nera Quinn Hardy as their second daughter.

Disputes and Scandals of Beth Britt

Throughout the 2000s, Beth Britt dealt with the drug addiction of her ex-boyfriend Jeff Hardy. Due to drug addiction, he was first let go from WWE in April 2003. He rejoined WWE in August 2006, but upon his second offense of the company’s substance abuse policy in March 2008, he was suspended and had to give up his Intercontinental Championship belt. After being sacked by WWE in 2009, he acquired a deal with TNA Impact Wrestling and used drugs even more. He was detained in September of that year on suspicion of narcotics trafficking, and more than a year later, he entered a guilty plea and was given a sentence that included ten days in jail, thirty months of probation, and a $100,000 fine. Beth was the one who persuaded him to enter rehab to keep his family intact.

After the Hardy brothers quit TNA in early 2017 and joined WWE, Beth was entangled in yet another legal dispute with the organization’s owner, Anthem. As “contractually anything created by contracted performers while in TNA is owned 100% by Anthem,” including “intellectual property AND human beings,” Anthem asserted that the ‘Broken’ gimmick and the Hardy kids belonged to them. Because Beth was not under contract, legal experts predicted that she would receive half of the children’s custody, while Jeff’s brother Matt and his wife, wrestler Reby Sky, who was also signed to TNA at the time, may lose custody of their son Maxel. This created a great deal of controversy. Anthem was harshly condemned on social media by Beth and Ruby, who both sought legal assistance. As a result of numerous wrestling fans and prominent figures siding with the parents, Anthem was ultimately compelled to concede ownership of the gimmick and resolve the matter in late 2017.

The net worth of Beth Britt

The estimated net worth of Beth Britt is about $1 million.