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Grantham, Lincolnshire
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Beverley Allitt, an English serial murderer, killed four kids and made attempts on many more. She also injured six more people severely. She is regarded as one of England’s most renowned serial killers. She was a nurse who worked at the Grantham Hospital in Lincolnshire and was also known as the “Angel of Death.” Her motivations are still unknown, but it has been claimed that she has Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, a mental illness that can make people want to kill or hurt other people in order to attract attention. In the hospital where she worked, she committed her crimes over a 59-day span between February and April 1991 in the children’s ward. Notwithstanding the trial judge’s recommendation that she serve at least 40 years in prison, she was only given 30. She is currently doing her term at the Nottinghamshire prison facility Rampton Secure Hospital. Charlie Brooks played her part in the BBC dramatization of her story titled “The Angel of Death.”

Early Childhood & Life

Beverley Gail Allitt was born in Grantham, Lincolnshire, on October 4, 1968. She was raised in the community of Corby Glen. While her father, Richard, worked in an off-license liquor store, her mother was a school cleaner. She has two sisters and a brother.

Even though she had no significant wounds at the time, she was well-known for wearing bandages and casts to attract attention when she was younger. Also, she was known to go to hospitals for ailments she didn’t have. This ultimately resulted in the needless removal of her appendix.

She grew into a misfit as she matured. Along with acting angrily against her lover, she also made up stories of rape and pregnancy. Afterward, her partner alleged that she was combative, dishonest, and manipulating.

She was accepted into a six-month program in 1991 because the Grantham and Kesteven Hospital needed more employees.

The walls of the nursing home where she studied were covered in human excreta, one of her other strange behaviors. She also missed the majority of the classes despite making excuses for being sick.
She was hired on a six-month contract despite her poor attendance and exam failures because the hospital was understaffed at the time. In the children’s ward, where she started her job, there were two nurses working the day shift but just one at night. This made it easier for her misdeeds to go unnoticed for a while.

Crimes of Beverley Allitt

Beverley Allitt began her criminal activity while employed at the Grantham Hospital. Liam Taylor, a seven-week-old baby who had been hospitalized for a chest infection, was the first person she killed. He passed away on February 21, 1991, and no one suspected foul play.

Timothy Hardwick, an eleven-year-old kid with cerebral palsy, was her second victim. After experiencing an epileptic episode, he was hospitalized. He was slain by her on March 5, 1991.

Becky Philips, a two-month-old infant who had been hospitalized for gastroenteritis, was her third murder victim. Claire Peck, a 15-month-old who had been hospitalized after having an asthma episode, was her fourth victim. When left alone with Allitt, she twice suffered heart arrest and passed away.
In addition, Allitt tried to kill Kayley Desmond, Paul Crampton, Yik Hung Chan, Katie Philips, and Bradley Gibson. Luckily, after being moved to another hospital, all five of them made a full recovery, even though Katie had irreversible brain damage.

The hospital staff didn’t start to suspect her until after Claire Peck passed away since it turned out that she was the only nurse on duty for every child who passed away or was really in danger of dying there.

Conviction after trial

Beverly Allitt was ultimately charged with 11 charges of attempted murder, 11 counts of serious bodily harm, and four counts of murder. She filed not-guilty pleas to each accusation. She was ultimately convicted guilty of all charges and given thirteen consecutive life sentences. She is currently doing her terms at the Nottinghamshire prison facility Rampton Secure Hospital.

Her trial judge had suggested that she serve a minimum of 40 years in prison and be released only if she posed no threat to society at large. Also, it was one of the lengthiest sentences ever given to a woman. She filed an appeal challenging the length of her sentence, and the High Court decided in December 2007 that she would spend at least 30 years behind bars.

She was named as one of the convicts who were ineligible for parole because of her heinous actions. Her actions necessitated closing the hospital as well. She is still regarded as one of England’s cruelest serial murderers in recorded history.

Motives of Beverley Allitt

Her motivations are still mostly unknown, but it has been claimed that she has a mental illness called M√ľnchausen syndrome proxy. Individuals with the illness are more likely to damage those who are under their care in an effort to gain attention for themselves.

Facts of Beverley Allitt

In 2005, the BBC dramatized her tale under the title “Angel of Death.” An episode of the crime documentary “Crimes That Shocked Great Britain” featured a depiction of her story as well.
Both the Netflix series “Nurses Who Kill” and the series “Evil Up Close-The Ward Assassin” included her.

Beverley Allitt Net Worth

Beverley Allitt is one of the wealthiest and most well-known criminals. Beverley Allitt has a net worth of $5 million based on our analysis of data from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.