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Young competitive gymnast Blakely Bjerken frequently performs with her older sister Whitney Bjerken. Their flexibility and thorough exercise routine are far above average for their age group. On their YouTube profile, these tiny girls share their fitness videos along with other vlogs. Her typical day consists of a lot of warm-up exercises and training routines since she wants to be like her older sister, an exceptional gymnast who is now. As she enjoys shopping with her family, Blakely also enjoys frequent trips to the mall. Her healthy lifestyle can be seen in several of her films as she works to become a fantastic young gymnast. The sisters also publish humorous challenges like “60-second leotard challenge” and “Eat it or wear it.”

The Epic Ascent To Stardom

Blakely began her childhood career by making her first appearance on Whitney Bjerken’s channel in the video “Blakely’s first soccer match.” Blakely is the sister of the award-winning young gymnast Whitney Bjerken.

Later, she developed enough to start and run her own YouTube page where Blakely’s own vlogs could be found. She joined the “Atlanta North Stars Gym” to work on her goal of becoming the best gymnast in the nation, where she flexes and bunny hops her way to victory.

Why Blakely Bjerken Is So Unique?

Blakely is one of the most adorable and inspirational young gymnasts in her nation. Since her sister is her professional role model, she is highly respectful of her sister and shows great consideration for her family.

Young people like her demonstrate the actual growth of humanity, which most of us miss because we are preoccupied with our busy, boring lives. Given the importance that social media plays in quickly promoting talent, the next generation may significantly outperform the ones before it because this encourages competition.

Behind The Scenes

The Bjerken family has four children, including Blakely. Whitney Bjerken is her only sibling, while Sterling and Braxton Bjerken are her two brothers. A dog belonging to the family goes by the name of Houston. After being hit by a car in June 2015, Blakely was told to wear a cast for almost 17 months. However, she made an incredible recovery and is now pursuing her ambition of becoming a gymnast.

Estimated Net Worth

Blakely is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. According to our research, Blakely Bjerken has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.


A Boxer named “Houston” lives with Blakely’s family and has his own YouTube channel called “Boxer Shorts.”