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The third and allegedly only biological child of the late pop icon Michael Jackson is named Blanket Jackson. Since senior Jackson had the idea of having a “designer kid,” Blanket’s arrival has been the talk of the town. She was born via surrogacy. Jackson had to explore another option since Debbie Rowe wasn’t in the best health to conceive: IVF. Jackson made the decision to use a Latina American lady as a surrogate mother after giving it some thought, and on February 21, 2002, Blanket was born. The youngster, Prince Michael Jackson II, was first known by his pet name Blanket before switching to “Bigi” in 2015. When Blanket’s father died, he was seven years old. Even though he is less outgoing than his brothers, he occasionally shows up at occasions honoring his father. At this time, Bigi is a student at the Sherman Oaks, California, school Buckley. He lives a quiet life and experiences a typical adolescent existence.

Become a Star

Stardom comes easy to someone born into a legend, and Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson II, better known as Blanket Jackson, was no exception. Prince was a true superstar from the moment of his conception till the day of his birth. Jackson’s two eldest children’s mother, Debbie Rowe, was unable to conceive Blanket due to medical issues after Paris’s birth, which is why a surrogate raised him.

At just 11 months old, Blanket had a startling debut when his famous father precariously dangled him from a hotel balcony rail in Germany. He was the center of a media frenzy almost immediately. Michael Jackson passed away when Blanket was seven years old. The blanket was shocked by the death and had a difficult time accepting it. Of the three kids, Blanket tended to avoid the spotlight. He spoke to his father’s admirers in 2009 during his funeral along with his brother and sister.

He also went to the 2010 Grammy Awards with his brothers, when Michael Jackson received a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award. Grandmother Katherine Jackson had formal guardianship over him, but she only recently dissolved it because of her advanced age and the boy’s transition into puberty. Reports appeared in 2015 claiming that Blanket preferred to be addressed as “Bigi” rather than by his moniker. He had endured years of bullying primarily because of his nickname. According to reports, Michale Jackson’s nephew T.J. Jackson will be the child’s sole guardian up to the age of 18.

Individual Life of Blanket Jackson

The third child of the late music icon Michael Jackson is named Blanket. Prince Michael Jackson II, allegedly the sole biological child of Michael Jackson, was born as Blanket Jackson on February 21, 2002, at the Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California, close to San Diego. While details of the surrogacy were kept secret, some sources assert that the pop singer selected a Mexican nurse named Helena to serve as the surrogate mother. Before choosing her, Jackson personally looked over the profiles of several other women. Before making a call, he looked at her images, thoroughly investigated her past, confirmed her family history, and even met her in person. Jackson reportedly picked her because she was a US citizen with light skin, despite having a Latino accent.

Jackson allegedly paid Helena a surrogacy fee of $20,000 to carry his child. He lavished her with presents, made large allowances, and hired a team of people to take care of her needs throughout the pregnancy, but he did not physically interact with her. Jackson allegedly provided his sperm for Blanket’s IVF treatment, which led to the baby’s conception. The egg donor was an unidentified woman who was picked for her gene pool. The lady’s identity is a closely-kept secret. She reportedly received only $3,500 in compensation for her assistance and was forced to sign legal documents in which it was made clear that she was ceding all rights to the child.

It is rumored that Michael Jackson frequently told his family and staff, “You should blanket me.” He gave the name Blanket to his third child because he thought the word “blanket” represented a “gift.” He believed it demonstrated how much you valued and cared about the other person. Blanket finished his foundational coursework while enrolled in a private institution. Michael Jackson will designate Katherine Jackson as Blanket, Michael Jr., and Paris’s legal guardian after his untimely passing. Additionally, Blanket had a co-guardian in T.J. Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew.

Currently, Blanket attends the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California, while living in Calabasas, California.

Blanket Jackson’s Net Worth

Bigi Jackson, formerly known as Blanket Jackson, has a $100 million fortune. The late musical icon Michael Jackson’s third kid is named Blanket Jackson. A co-producer on the 2013 movie “Kingdom Come,” he. In 2015, he switched his name from Blanket to Bigi.