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Popular American YouTuber BookOfKen is known for his humorous hoaxes played on his girlfriend. Since he first uploaded his YouTube video in 2014, he has accumulated over 1 million subscribers and over 275 million views. His videos primarily feature humorous public pranks, a couple of hoaxes, and other entertaining content. The purpose of the channel was to make people laugh and appreciate the moment. He created the ‘UnKensored’ channel to focus on his actual life and upload vlogs. Ken’s recordings cover a wide range of topics, from pranks on girlfriends to truth-or-dare challenges. His unconventional and straightforward approach has made him one of the most popular YouTube channels. The authenticity of the pranks and the reactions to them are appreciated by his admirers. He has 11,000 followers on Twitter. Additionally, he is renowned on Instagram, with over 76,000 followers. In addition to this, he is a Periscope player. He currently resides with his fiancée in Los Angeles.

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Ascend to Fame

Ken, who was initially timid, decided to join YouTube after being inspired by a fellow provocateur who became famous on YouTube. In February 2014, he began uploading videos to his channel titled ‘BookOfKen’. The title of his first video was “The Book of a Prankster: BookOfKen Trailer.” This video paved the way for the vast majority of pranks and social experiments with strangers and acquaintances that would soon populate his channel.

The channel quickly gained popularity because his ideas and hoaxes were regarded as original and hilarious; the reactions to these pranks also gained popularity. The shampoo prank was his first video to generate a large number of views. This practical joke became so popular that he created multiple variations of it with various individuals. However, his most well-known antics involve his girlfriend, Carley Tabler.

Soon after, they began collaborating on his channel and continuously making fun of each other. She remains his prankster companion, and they continue to collaborate. They quickly expanded to include other popular topics, such as sketches, reactions, and challenges. High viewership has been guaranteed by the compatibility of the couple’s personalities and rapport.

In May 2014, he launched a second channel, ‘UnKensored,’ which focuses on vlogs and personal content. Although there are not many videos on the second channel, these videos provide a view of the prankster couple’s life behind the scenes.

In his most popular video, ‘Paying People to Consume the World’s Hottest Pepper Extract Prank Gone Wrong! ‘, he captures the audience’s reactions to his experiment. This video eventually received 17 million views. His other most-viewed video is “The True Shampoo Prank,” which has received over 11 million views.

This was the first installment of Ken’s ‘Real Series’ videos, in which he films actual reactions to pranks suggested by his fans. Currently, the channel has more than 1 million subscribers. Ken and Carley’s videos continue to be creative and humorous, attracting a large audience. Recently, they established a P.O. box to begin communicating with their supporters.

The goal of Ken’s channel was to make everyone laugh by presenting humorous situations in the most natural manner possible. In addition to his popularity on Twitter, he has 11,000 followers. His Instagram feed is replete with images of his girlfriend, travels, and behind-the-scenes events. He has over 79,000 Instagram followers. Carley chose to collaborate with Ken out of a desire to assist him.

His Personal Existence

Ken was born in Florida on May 13, 1994. He is currently courting fellow YouTuber and Instagram celebrity, Carley Tabler. The couple met when Ken attended a university near Carley’s residence. She decided to date him after viewing his Twitter live broadcasts. The couple began dating in February 2016. Recently, the YouTube couple relocated from Florida to Los Angeles.

Ken decided to start uploading videos after being inspired by fellow YouTube pranksters Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Simple Pickup, and he launched his channel with confidence that this was what he wanted to do. Initially assisted by his close associate Kris, he was later assisted by Carley when he launched the channel. In addition to editing and uploading videos, he collects Pokémon and is a Pokémon fan.

Estimated Net Worth

BookOfKen is one of the wealthiest and most prominent YouTube celebrities. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, the net worth of BookOfKen is $5 million.