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Face Brace Instagram sensation Laii is most recognized for her videos on the well-liked video and photo sharing platform. She has more than 647,000 followers on her account. Additionally, she has a second Instagram account where she mostly flaunts her killer dance routines. Face Brace Another aspect of Laii’s fame is her romance with fellow Instagram celebrity Anayah Rice. Laii frequently includes Anayah in her Instagram videos. Additionally, she has a personal Instagram account with more than 527,000 followers. On the internet, Laii and Anayah are well-known as “Mrs. and Mr. Crunchy.”

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Childhood and Career

Face Brace Laii was born in the United States on May 29, 2004. Because she was exposed to social media at a young age, she was inspired to try out many platforms, including Instagram. Laii started sharing dancing video clips on her Instagram page, which attracted fans, as a result of her love of hip hop music and dance. She eventually gained thousands of followers on her account as her popularity grew. Her page has 438,000 followers at the end of 2017. Sadly, all of the content she had shared was deleted once her account was stolen in December 2017. Laii maintained publishing her movies with the utmost passion despite experiencing a setback. She currently has more than 647,000 followers, and she is also well-liked by other social media celebrities.

She’s worked with other well-known Instagram users including Saucyrell and Esssenccee. Her joint dance videos with Saucyrell have gained a lot of online popularity. She also has a second Instagram profile that is filled with videos of her dancing. It’s interesting to note that Brace Face Laii doesn’t use any other social media sites. Laii’s YouTube videos, however, can be seen on channels run by her supporters.

Personal & Family Life

Face Brace Laii identifies as a lesbian. She is dating fellow Instagram celebrity Anayah Rice, who has more than 527,000 followers. Anayah frequently makes an appearance in Laii’s videos. She enjoys hip hop and dance just like her girlfriend does. Laii and Anayah have made many public displays of their love in their films.

Esssenccee, another Instagram user, is good friends with Laii. Laii promotes Esssenccee’s retail store in addition to appearing in videos that Esssenccee posts on his channel. Esssenccee is a co-owner of the store, which also sells lingerie, dancing shorts, cell phone covers, leggings, caps, beanies, backpacks, and other items. It’s interesting to note that Ashlee Gina, who works for “Shattered Ceilings Entertainment,” is managing both Brace Face Laii and Esssenccee.

Face Brace Laii has strong ties to her family. On her Instagram profile, she frequently showcases her niece and nephew. In some of her videos, she has also included her mother and stepfather. In one of these videos, Laii’s stepfather and mother can be seen practicing a dance move with her. She is also friendly with the well-known Instagram twins Yoni and Solai, also referred to as “The Wicker Twins.” Their Instagram page is run by Laii, who even refers to them as her daughters.

Net Worth of Brace Face Laii

The estimated net worth of Brace Face Laii is about $1 million.