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Jefferson, Kentucky

American YouTuber Brandon Dylan Ashur rose to prominence in 2010 with the debut of his YouTube channel, Bashurverse. His gaming channel quickly surpassed one million subscribers after it launched, drawing in tens of thousands of new users. His videos about Minecraft gained so much popularity that other YouTubers, including JeromeASF, CaptainSparklez, and SkyDoesMinecraft, expressed interest in working with him. In addition, he is well recognized for having created the web series The Legend of Hobo and Bashpack. After that, he created the second channel BashDoesThings, where he posted vlogs detailing his experiences. But in spite of his success as a YouTuber, he has always had problems in his personal life. He erased everything from his social media platforms and his primary YouTube channel one lovely morning in May 2017. FoxNews stated that he had killed himself as a result of being harassed online after it was claimed he had slept with a juvenile. But according to some recent unsubstantiated rumors, he and his new partner may be residing in Los Angeles at the moment. Additionally, other fans claimed to have seen him at Best Buy.

Ascent to Fame

On April 1, 2010, Brandon Dylan Ashur launched his first YouTube channel, Bashurverse. He produced several Minecraft series, including “Magical Modded Minecraft Morning,” “Love Craft,” “The Legend Of Hobo,” “99 Diamonds Challenge,” and “SkyFactory,” and posted content every day to this channel. His videos attracted a sizable subscriber base, and his channel amassed more than 1.6 million followers over time.

On July 3, 2014, he debuted his second channel, BashDoesThings, following the popularity of his first. His web series The Legend of Hobo and Bashpack gained enormous popularity. Instead of referring to viewers or subscribers, he termed his fans “Melons” or “Goonies.”

He tweeted that he was “depressed and suicidal” in 2015. Rumors circulated the same year claiming that Brandon had sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl while he was 23 years old. In a video, he assured his audience that he would continue “to do YouTube,” even though he was disturbed by the notion.

Brandon deleted his header and profile image from both of his YouTube channels in April 2017. Every video he posted was likewise private. He also erased his Facebook and Twitch accounts, which had both gained a sizable following by then and his Twitter account. He did this all at the same time, and a month later.

He hasn’t been on social media since 2017. Fans of the actor detected a new @bashurverse Twitter account in 2018, although it is empty despite the account’s statement that “Brandon is back.” It’s interesting to note that after it was supposedly stolen, his Minecraft account was put up for bid on February 22, 2018.

Disputes and Scandals of Brandon Ashur

Rumors broke in 2015 that Brandon Ashur had sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl while he was 23 years old. In response to these claims, Brandon posted a video on April 8, 2015, saying he was done with the curses he had been given as a result of these rumors. He removed the video after 30 minutes, but many individuals quickly posted it again.

In a new video he posted on April 18, 2015, he assured his followers that he would be active on YouTube going forward. He sobbed a lot throughout the video. Despite the hateful remarks he received, several of his supporters also offered to assist in improving his mood.

Brandon tweeted on October 1, 2015, that he was suicidal and depressed from being called a rapist and pedophile all the time. Additionally, Brandon stated that he was struggling with mental health problems. He said on Twitter that he gets death threats and advice to commit suicide from others.

Individual Life of Brandon Ashur

On September 9, 1985, in Jefferson, Kentucky, USA, Brandon Dylan Ashur was born. He had said that his mother was a bad person since she had never taken care of him and that he did not know who his father was. His family looked after him after his mother was sent to prison. After that, a country music artist adopted him. In his high school years, he lost interest in learning. He was consequently placed in a school designated for “undesirables.” He showed no interest in learning there either, instead using his laptop to play EverQuest all the time. His classmates severely harassed him, stealing his money and smashing his laptop. His first girlfriend cheated on him when he was seventeen, leaving him heartbroken.

He fell in love with his friend’s 15-year-old sister when he was eighteen. They messaged and conversed online. But he was detained one morning for having a heated conversation with a kid. After being taken to jail, he was accused of engaging in illicit transactions with minors, a Class B crime. He was placed in a pedophiles’ class run by a therapist. He spent ten years confining himself to his home after this occurrence, which left him psychologically destroyed. He also apparently developed suicidal thoughts.

Afterward, he started dating another YouTuber, Clara Swan, better known as “ClaraBabyLegs.” In a video posted to Brandon’s channel on May 4, 2015, the couple revealed that Clara had miscarried in September 2014. They expressed their regret to one another on camera. But Clara announced via a tweet on May 2, 2017, that she and Brandon were no longer together.

Net worth of Brandon Ashur

The estimated net worth of Brandon Ashur is about $1 million.