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Updated On January 27, 2022
Los Angeles, USA
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Los Angeles, USA

Brandon Mychal Smith is an up-and-coming American rapper, comedian, and actor who is best known for portraying Bug Wendal in the television series “Gridiron Gang.” In the 2014 biopic ‘Get On Up,’ he received critical acclaim for his portrayal as Little Richard. For his legendary portrayal as uber suave Nico Harris on Disney Channel’s ‘So Random,’ he has amassed a legion of devoted followers. Brandon has progressed from a rapper to a comedian to a dancer to a talented actor. He’s come a long way since he began his career as a child with a Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods. He has not just acted on television, but has also appeared in films and music videos. He’s also done some rapping and sung for a few sound tracks. He is already a celebrity in his own right, and we may soon see him hosting the renowned television show ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Brandon, unlike many of today’s up-and-coming stars, is not known to have any vices. For this young man, the sky is the limit if he perseveres.

Brandon began his acting career as a child artist when he was eight years old, when he first starred in a national commercial for Nike alongside Tiger Woods. Brandon became a minor celebrity among his peers when the commercial aired over a period of time and the advertisement posters featuring the great golfer.

His professional acting career began in 2002, when he was cast in an episode of the television series ‘The District’ as Darren Junior. In an episode of ‘Kim Possible’ the following year, he played Lamar Harris.
At the age of 15, the Nike child made his film debut as a skater in the 2003 film ‘Grind.’ He was cast for the part due of his boyhood passion for roller skating, which he still excels at.

He had a few tiny appearances in commercials and TV series before making his cinematic debut. His other big film roles include James in ‘Weapons’ (2007), The Lord of Da Bling in ‘Let it Shine’ (2012), Kaz in ‘Sacrifice’ (2014), Donavan in ‘Hoovey’ (2015), and Tyrone in the 2016 mega blockbuster comedy ‘Dirty Grandpa.’ In the film ‘The Most Hated Women in America,’ he played Roy Collier (2017).

His big break came in 2006, when he received a Family Television Award and a Young Artist Award for his role as Tayshawn in the Emmy Award-nominated television movie ‘The Ron Clark Story.’
Smith also competed in the sequel to “Dancing with the Stars,” “Skating with the Stars” (2010). He made it to the last round and was a hot favorite, but he had to quit due to illness in the closing stages.
He also had a parallel career on television, appearing in nine episodes of ‘Unfabulous’ as Mario, nine episodes of ‘The Shield,’ Trevor in ‘Without a Trace,’ Jason Plumbey in ‘Lucky Louie,’ a wrestler in ‘Zoey 101,’ Albert in ‘Starstruck,’ 13 episodes of ‘You’re the Worst,’ and ten episodes of ‘Sweet / Vicious Brandon also starred alongside Demi Lovato in the music videos ‘La La Land,’ ‘U Can’t Touch This,’ and ‘Party Up.’ He even performed on the soundtrack for the Disney film “Starstruck.”

He’s made a name for himself as a rapper, comedian, dancer, and versatile actor who knows his way around the stage and has the potential to advance in the industry. As he continues to rise through the ranks of success, recent social media speculations claim that he will take over as host of the popular NBC TV show ‘America’s Got Talent’ from Nick Cannon. His acting career has earned him a big fan base, and his net worth as of April 2017 was over $ 4.8 million.

Family & Personal Life of Brandon Mychal Smith

Brandon was born in Los Angeles on May 29, 1989. He is half-African, half-Scottish. He now resides in Los Angeles, where he is said to be close to his parents and younger sister, who is also an actress. Billy Mitchell Elementary School, University High School, and Hampton University were his schools.
He used to be a big roller skater and dreamed of becoming a movie star when he was younger. He played Young Simba in the Pantages Theater’s stage performance of The Lion King while still in high school.
Despite the fact that social media has linked his name to a few rumored girlfriends, he is in a long-term committed relationship with Maggie Castle, a Canadian actress whom he met while filming the film ‘Starstruck’ in 2009. Despite the fact that they have been living together for some time, there is no mention of marriage or engagement. His social media profile still reads “single.”