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Bridget Christina Marquardt is an American model, actress, and television personality best known for her work on E”The !’s Girls Next Door” and Travel Channel’s “Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches.” She got her start in the entertainment world as a young lady when she dated Hugh Hefner, the creator of Playboy, for seven years. She and her two girlfriends, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson, had also lived with him in the Playboy Mansion. She starred alongside Hefner, Madison, and Wilkinson not just in ‘The Girls Next Door,’ but also in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ ‘The House Bunny,’ and the ‘Entourage’ episode ‘Aquamansion.’ She used Instagram to express her sadness after Hefner’s passing in 2017. “So sad,” she added, “but forever grateful for all the lovely memories and incredible adventures in Playboy.” Marquardt has appeared in eight films and over 20 television programs to date. She also had her own TV show, ‘Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches,’ in which she traveled to several nations and visited their beaches, met locals, and enjoyed the nightlife.

Childhood and Adolescence

Bridget Christina Sandmeier was born in Tillamook, Oregon, on September 25, 1973. Her family relocated to California after she was born, where she was reared. When she was in fifth grade, her parents split, and her mother remarried. After that, she and her younger brother Edward traveled to their stepfather’s property to remain. Anastasia, her half-sister, was born there.

She went to Galt High School for her freshman and sophomore years. She was later moved to Lodi High School, where she received her diploma in 1990. She subsequently went on to San Joaquin Delta College to get her associate’s degree. She went on to California State University, Sacramento, where she received her B.A. in communications in 1998.

Career of Bridget Marquardt

Bridget Marquardt wrote a letter to ‘Playboy,’ enquiring about the procedure of becoming a Playmate, a female model featured in the centerfold/gatefold of ‘Playboy,’ after her friends recommended she pose for the magazine. She entered Playboy’s Millennium Playmate hunt in 1998, when she was 25 years old.

She came to Los Angeles in 2001 and took on several local modeling jobs as well as a few acting parts. She also took part in Playboy testing, and after two failed attempts, she was invited to the Playboy Mansion, the home of Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine. She began attending the Playboy Mansion on a regular basis soon after. There October 2002, after more than a year of visiting the Mansion, she was invited to become one of Hefner’s girlfriends and move in.

While shooting a reality TV show for Playboy, she concurrently took a graduate level course in broadcast journalism at UCLA Extension. She graduated from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, with a master’s degree in communications in 2001.

She played one of Hefner’s playmates in an episode of ‘The Man Show,’ an American comedy television show, in 2002. The following year, she starred as Santa Fe Tart in the American romantic comedy film ‘Intolerable Cruelty,’ directed and co-written by Joel and Ethan Coen and produced by Brian Grazer and the Coens. She played Scarlet Salenger, a doctor conducting genetic study on rabbits, in the horror/comedy film ‘Kottentail’ in 2004.

‘The Girls Next Door,’ also known as ‘The Girls of the Playboy Mansion,’ was a television reality show that ran on E! from August 2005 until August 2010. Kevin Burns and Hugh Hefner, the show’s executive producers, devised the show.

She featured on three ‘Playboy’ magazine covers in November 2005, September 2006, and March 2008, alongside models Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson. She starred alongside Madison and Hefner in an episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ an American comedy television series produced and transmitted by HBO, in 2005. In the same year, she featured in the ‘Entourage’ episode ‘Aquamansion’ as herself, alongside Madison, Wilkinson, and Hefner. The episode’s last act took place at the Playboy Mansion.

She also starred in an episode of the paranormal reality television series ‘Celebrity Paranormal Project,’ which aired on VH1 from October 2006 to November 2007. She took an online paranormal course to learn about paranormal events since it piqued her interest.

She started her ‘Bridget & Wednesday Friday Show’ on Sirius Radio’s Playboy program on June 1, 2007. She, Wilkinson, and Madison starred in Nickelback’s ‘Rockstar’ music video in August. She appeared as a contender on Fox Reality’s ‘The Search for the Next Elvira’ in October. She was one of the top six contenders out of a total of twenty.

She starred alongside other Playboy models Hefner and prominent model Anna Faris in the film ‘The House Bunny’ in 2008. Fred Wolf directed the romantic comedy, which was written by Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah Lutz.
In the same year, she appeared on an episode of NBC’s reality competition show ‘Last Comic Standing,’ alongside Wilkinson and Madison.

She and the other ‘Girls Next Door’ models participated in an episode of NBC’s ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ in July 2008. It was a Mark Goodson-created American television game show in which two families fight for cash and prizes.
In February 2009, she made her final appearance in Playboy, in a nude picture spread alongside Madison and Wilkinson that was billed as a farewell to the ‘Girls Next Door.’

‘Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches,’ which aired on the Travel Channel in 2009, was her own TV show. She visited numerous nations in the show to visit their beaches, participate in various adventure activities, meet the locals, and enjoy the nightlife. The program premiered on March 12, 2009, but was only renewed for one season.

In April 2010, she announced her ambitions for her own reality program, which would focus on her current relationships and explore her life after leaving the Playboy Mansion. She posted on Twitter in March 2011 that her program had been rejected by E! and that she was seeking for alternative options. There hasn’t been any news regarding this show since then. She wrote essays and shot short video pieces for Yahoo’s Animal Nation series in 2012.

Personal Experiences of Bridget Marquardt

Bridget Marquardt revealed that she was married but separated in the September 17, 2007 edition of ‘Star’ magazine. Her spouse, she added, was supportive of her decision to relocate to Los Angeles to seek a profession. She also stated that they were remained friends despite the fact that their divorce was in the works.

She began dating director Nicholas Carpenter, the son of astronaut Scott Carpenter, in late 2008. She left the Playboy Mansion in January 2009 to “become her own person.” Marquardt and Nicholas moved into a Sherman Oaks home that she had acquired. In 2015, they got engaged.

Wednesday, or Winnie, a Pekingese dog, and Gizmo, a black Persian cat, were her pets. She previously stated in an interview that she had frozen her eggs while in the Playboy Mansion since she knew she would want to start a family one day. She had stated, “That was my insurance policy for later in life.”

Estimated Net Worth

Bridget Marquardt is an American model and television personality best known for starring with Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison, and Hugh Hefner in the reality television series “The Girls Next Door.” Bridget Marquardt’s net worth is $3 million as of this writing. She’s also appeared in nude photo shoots with co-stars from the program. Marquardt has also been on “Kendra,” “Holly’s World,” and “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” among other reality shows.