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Britt McHenry is an American television sports correspondent who was born Brittany May McHenry. Before being fired go by ESPN in April 2017, she worked for the network. McHenry worked as a reporter for ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines,’ ‘SportsCenter,’ ‘Baseball Tonight,’ and ‘NFL Live,’ among other shows. She had also worked for NewsChannel 8 and ABC’s Washington affiliate, WJLA-TV, as a fill-in anchor and sports reporter. The young American sports correspondent has previously worked as a dugout reporter for Fox Sports San Diego. McHenry is a well-known personality in journalism who is also renowned for becoming embroiled in issues from time to time. ESPN once suspended her when a video surfaced in which she used obscenity and swear words on a towing garage lot employee. She was recently laid off by the network, along with 100 other employees. Despite the numerous scandals that have surrounded her, McHenry continues to be liked by her followers, particularly those who follow her on social networking sites.

A Career of Britt McHenry

Britt McHenry began her media career as a fill-in anchor and sports reporter for ABC’s Washington affiliate, WJLA-TV and NewsChannel 8, after graduation. She then worked as a dugout reporter for Fox Sports San Diego for two weeks on San Diego Padres telecasts. She did, however, return to ABC 7 and continue to work there after that.

McHenry departed ABC 7 in 2014 to join ESPN. She worked as a reporter for shows such as ‘Outside the Lines,’ ‘SportsCenter,’ ‘Baseball Tonight,’ and ‘NFL Live,’ among others. She declared on Twitter on April 27, 2017, that the NFL Draft would be her final assignment for the network.

She later stated that being a political conservative was one of the key reasons for her departure. She also claimed that ESPN fired 100 other employees in addition to her.

Controversy Over Verbal Abuse

A couple video snippets featuring McHenry were posted on LiveLeak on April 16, 2015. McHenry was seen angrily harassing Joey Dillon, a towing garage lot worker, in the camera files. McHenry mocked the employee’s appearance, work, and level of education in the videos, and even threatened to sue.

ESPN punished her for a week after this event. McHenry later apologized for her conduct on Twitter. She said that she let her emotions get the best of her and said some hurtful and regrettable things, for which she apologized.

McHenry also mentioned that she will improve as a result of her error. Following that, the towing firm issued a statement claiming that they did not want the reporter to be fired or suspended as a result of her remarks.

Personal Experiences of Britt McHenry

Britt McHenry was born Brittany May McHenry in Mount Holly Township, New Jersey, on May 28, 1986. She attended Stetson University after graduating from Satellite High School in Florida in 2004.

She was a member of soccer teams in both places. She moved to Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism after graduating magna cum laude from Stetson, where she began covering stories in Chicago.

On the internet, there is no information about McHenry’s parents or any family members. Furthermore, no one is aware of her love life or affairs.

Estimated Net Worth

The young reporter’s net worth was estimated to be at $1.5 million as of 2019. Britt Mchenry has been a reporter for almost a decade and is well-known in the industry. In addition, her current employment at Fox Network pays her $600,000 per year.