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Idaho, USA
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Idaho, USA

Brock Butler, often known as Rocktard, is the second youngest member of the Shaytards, a well-known YouTube family. He is the Shaytard family’s first child to have his entire life extensively documented. Every detail leading up to and after his birth has been recorded and shared with the world, starting from the moment his parents realized he was pregnant. Brock Butler is a Shaytard family legend and a star child. Brock has no self-consciousness and is outgoing and camera-friendly. If you look at his vlog, you’ll notice that he frequently records for himself, which is unusual for a child his age. Brock, on the other hand, hasn’t allowed anything get into his brain because of the notoriety, fandom, and celebrity status he’s had since birth. He has the potential to be a major star in the future! Way to go, young man!

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The Ascension to Stardom

Some people become famous later in life, while others are born famous. Brock Butler, on the other hand, was well-known even before he was born! As bizarre as it may sound, this kid began receiving fandom, love, and adoration from his followers while still a foetus in his mother’s womb. As a result, fans knew about him even before he was born, as the Shaytards filmed Collette’s whole pregnancy on the Shaytard vlog channel.

He is the couple’s fourth child and the family’s second youngest. Brock Butler, often known as Rocktard, is a YouTube sensation. When you watch Brock’s vlog, you’ll see that he’s exactly like any other kid his age — mischievous, innocent, funny, cute, adorable, intellectual, and fun-loving all at the same time! Also, throughout the videos, you’ll notice him being carried around with his blanket more frequently. Why is this the case? Because he is so devoted to his blanket that if he can’t find it around him when he is drowsy or has just woken up, he throws a fit! Brock is a rock star youngster and the actual icon of the Shaytard family, despite his early age and charm.

Behind the Scenes

Brock Butler was born in Idaho, USA, on June 10, 2010. With three older siblings, Gavin, Emmi, and Avia, he is the fourth child of the Shaytards, a well-known YouTube family. Daxton is his younger brother. Butler’s entire existence has been a chronicled story for his followers, who have followed him faithfully from the time his parents, Shay and Collete, discovered the pregnancy and filmed it for the length. Butler’s life has been documented in detail in the film even after he was born. Butler was the easiest child of the five children, according to his parents.

He had a pleasant demeanor. He enjoyed creating a lot of noise and enjoyed dancing and singing. He began crawling at the age of nine months and was noted for doing the’stanky leg’ dance while attempting to walk. He had a quarrel with the family dog, Zeke, when he was a baby, but he adored his younger brother Daxton, as well as his cousins Cooper and Gage. He is very close to Emmi and Avia. Brock’s first words were, “Oh Man.” Brock is rapidly maturing, and he can now perform cartwheels and flips. Mac and cheese is his favorite dish.

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