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Brooke Langton is a well-known actress from the United States. She rose to notoriety thanks to her portrayal of Samantha Reilly in the American soap opera ‘Melrose Place.’ She has also appeared in films including ‘The Replacements’ and ‘Primeval.’ She began her career as a model in Japan, where she was born in Arizona. She began her acting career in her early twenties, playing minor roles in TV shows such as ‘Beverley Hills’ and ‘Baywatch.’ She made her cinematic debut in the action flick ‘Terminal Velocity,’ in which she played a tiny role. She acted in numerous other films during the next few years, including ‘Swingers’ and ‘Mixed Signals.’ Langton became well-known for her part in the Fox network’s American serial drama ‘Melrose Palace.’ The show was a big hit across the country, and it received multiple Golden Globe nominations. She’s also known for her performance in ‘The Replacements,’ an American sports comedy. Although the picture was not a monetary success, it developed a cult following.

Childhood and Adolescence

Brooke Langton was born in the United States on November 27, 1970. Jackson Langton worked as a geologist, and her mother was a surgical nurse. Stephen Cummings, her grandfather, was a bomber pilot during World War II. Sally Spalding, an aunt who worked as a script supervisor, is also related to her. Langton’s decision to become an actor at a young age was influenced by her. She attended Herscher High School and afterwards L.D. Bell High School for her education. She then continued her schooling at San Diego State University. She travelled to Japan after college and worked as a model there for a while.

Career of Brooke

Brooke Langton began her acting career in 1992, featuring in episodes of ‘Beverley Hills,’ ‘90210,’ ‘Freshman Dorm,’ and ‘Baywatch,’ among others. She made her cinematic debut in 1994 in the action picture ‘Terminal Velocity,’ in which she played a drug addict in a tiny role. The picture, directed by Deran Sarafian, was a flop in the box office.
She rose to fame in 1996 after starring in the hit television show ‘Melrose Place,’ in which she played a pivotal part. She starred in the American television series ‘The Net’ in 1998. Deborah Pratt created the series, which was based on a 1995 film of the same name. However, the show was cancelled after only one season.

In the 2000 film ‘The Replacements,’ directed by Howard Deutch, she had her first significant appearance on the big screen. She also starred in the comedy film ‘Playing Mona Lisa,’ directed by Matthew Huffman, in the same year.
In 2002, she appeared in Vanessa Prime’s film ‘Kiss the Bride,’ in which she played a supporting role. In the following years, she acted in films such as ‘Partner(s)’ (2005) and ‘The Benchwarmers’ (2006). In 2006, she starred in the romantic drama film ‘Beautiful Dreamer.’ Several accolades were given to the film.

In the 2007 horror thriller ‘Primeval,’ she plays a pivotal role. The film, directed by Michael Katleman, was about Gustave, a man-eating crocodile from Burundi. Critics were harsh in their assessments of the film. Langton began appearing in the TV series ‘Friday Night Lights’ the same year. The show, created by Peter Berg, was a big hit, winning multiple prizes including a Peabody Award and an Emmy Award. She has appeared in a number of episodes of the crime drama ‘Life.’ It was nominated for a ‘AFI Award for Best Television Series’ in 2008. She appeared in various TV shows as a guest star during the next few years. She has also acted in a number of films. ‘Impact Earth’ (2015) and ‘Shifting Gears’ are two of her most recent films (2015).

Major Projects of Brooke

Brooke Langton’s first major part was in the popular American soap opera ‘Melrose Place.’ The tale centred around a group of young adults who lived in an apartment building called ‘Melrose Place,’ which was created by Darren Star. Samantha Reilly, a new tenant in the apartment complex who is an artist, was played by Langton. The series was nominated for four ‘Golden Globe Awards.’ A ‘People’s Choice Award’ was also given to it.

Langton starred in Terri Farley Teruel’s romantic drama film ‘Beautiful Dreamer,’ which she wrote, directed, and produced. Colin Egglesfield, James Denton, Barry Corbin, and Rusty Schwimmer also appeared in the film. The plot revolved around two childhood sweethearts who are torn apart when one of them goes on to become a bomber pilot. The film was nominated for nine major prizes.

In the American crime drama TV series ‘Life,’ she played a supporting part. The series, which was created by Rand Ravich, followed a detective who was freed from jail after serving twelve years for a crime he did not commit. The series was well-received and broadcast in a number of countries, including Australia, Russia, and Germany. It also earned a ‘2008 AFI Award’ for best television series.

Another of Brooke Langton’s main works is ‘Primeval,’ a 2007 American horror film. The film, directed by Michael Katleman, follows a group of American journalists as they travel to Burundi in quest of Gustave, a feared giant man-eating crocodile. Dominic Purcell, Orlando Jones, Jürgen Prochnow, and Gideon Emery also appeared in the film.

Personal Experiences of Brooke

Brooke Langton has never been married, and nothing is known about her personal life. She did, however, date David Chokachi and then George Clooney in the past. She is also rumored to have had an affair with Tiger Woods, the famous golfer.

Estimated Net Worth

Brooke Langton net worth: Brooke Langton is a $2 million dollar actress from the United States. Brooke Langton grew up in Illinois and Texas, but was born in Arizona. She went on to San Diego State University after that. She began her professional career as a model, mostly in Asia, before moving into acting in the early 1990s.