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The second child of “National Basketball Association” (NBA) superstar LeBron James and his wife, Savannah Brinson, is aspiring American basketball player Bryce Maximus James. In a short period of time, Bryce has significantly increased his profile in the basketball world. He has received coaching from his father and is already a star basketball player for his school. Numerous basketball clubs have extended offers to him because of his incredible basketball abilities. Bryce now participates in AAU competitions for the North Coast Blue Chips.

Background of Bryce Maximus James

Bryce grew up participating in a variety of outdoor activities. Bryce, whose parents were both athletes, grew up loving sports. Due to concerns about safety, his father originally prohibited him from participating in a few sports. His father served as Bryce’s first basketball coach. Bryce soon grasped the fundamentals and later joined the basketball team at his school. Bryce’s father frequently makes school visits to keep an eye on his basketball practice and competition efforts.

Bryce attained major notoriety on the prep basketball circuit at the age of nine. Several years later, he began to get offers from basketball teams like “Duke” and “Kentucky.” Bryce competes for the ‘North Coast Blue Chips’ at the ‘AAU’ level, just like his older brother. Bryce has ruled the ‘AAU’ scene for years thanks to his incredible shooting and passing abilities. His father has frequently expressed his admiration for Bryce’s exploits in front of the public and his astonishment at the youngster’s talent for the game.
Additionally active on social media is Bryce. He frequently updates his social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Individual Life of Bryce Maximus James

On June 14, 2007, Bryce Maximus was born in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, in the US. LeBron James Jr., Bryce’s older brother, has taken part in a number of neighborhood basketball competitions. Zhuri Nova James is the name of Bryce’s younger sister. Bryce grew up in a lavish mansion in Miami, Florida, when he was 3 years old. LeBron James and Savannah were wed before Bryce and his older brother were born.

Parents of Bryce were high school athletes. LeBron played football in addition to basketball. Savannah participated in cheerleading and softball. Basketball and soccer were among the sports Bryce played growing up. However, at first, because he was concerned about the safety risks involved with such games, his father forbade him from participating in football or ice hockey.

‘Old Trail School’ in Akron, Summit County, Ohio, is where Bryce attended school. He also went to the Santa Monica, California, “Crossroads School.” Numerous prestigious college programs have extended offers to him.

The net worth of Bryce Maximus James

The estimated net worth of Bryce Maximus James is about $1 million.