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As a member of the dance team “Fresh Faces” that participated in season 8 of the popular television program “America’s Got Talent,” Brynn Rumfallo, a dancer and model, gained notoriety in 2013. Brynn and her group advanced to the competition’s quarterfinals. She also made a cameo in the next season of the program. Brynn made three cameo appearances on the dance reality series “Dance Moms” on Lifetime in 2015. She joined the sixth season of the show’s cast the following year. She was immediately likened to Maddie Ziegler, one of the show’s most popular contestants, after being added to the cast. She is regarded as the “next Maddie” and will take Maddie’s place when she leaves the show. She appeared with Jaycee Wilkins and Maddie Ziegler on “Dancing With the Stars” in 2015. She appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2016 as a member of the Dancer Palooza squad. Along with that, she has appeared in music videos for Todrick Hall and MattyB. For Miss Fit by Miss Behave Girls, Brynn acted as a model.

The Epic Ascent To Stardom

At the age of two, Brynn Rumfallo started dancing. In 2006, she enrolled in Club Dance Studio in Arizona to study with Alexa Moffett, who would later become one of her role models. Along with four other girls from Club Dance Studio, Brynn participated in the group “Fresh Faces”‘ audition for America’s Got Talent in 2013. Before being defeated, the team advanced to the quarterfinals. At The Dance Awards in Vegas, she was crowned National Mini Female Best Dancer in 2014. At the Las Vegas Hall of Fame Nationals that same year, her solo rendition of “Breathe” took first place among junior performers. Together with Sarah Reasons from her Club Dance squad, she made an appearance on Dance Moms’ fifth season. Despite only appearing in three episodes, her performance was praised, and because of this, she was invited back on probation for the following season of the show. Later, she was given a challenge by Abby Lee Miller, her Dance Moms teacher, to complete in order to gain a permanent position on the ALDC squad. She was given the opportunity to form a trio with the partners of her choosing, and she faced off against the primary three of JoJo Siwa, Kendall Vertes, and Maddie Ziegler. Brynn triumphed in the contest and joined the top team.

Why Brynn Rumfallo Is So Unique?

Brynn is a phenomenally gifted dancer with a background in ballet. She has won numerous honors and gotten numerous acclaim for her dancing. Even Abby Lee Miller, who is hardly ever seen complimenting her kids, was taken aback by her performance. Gianna Martello, Abby’s associate choreographer, also acknowledged Brynn’s versatility as a dancer and her potential to become the “next big thing.” Many “Dance Moms” viewers were moved by her performance, and some even objected to Maddie being compared to her because they felt she was a superior dancer in her own right. Brynn has won numerous legitimate competitions outside of Dance Moms, despite the fact that viewers of reality shows are frequently skeptical about how much of the competition is “real”.

Past Fame of Brynn Rumfallo

Despite her outstanding performances, Brynn Rumfallo struggled greatly to become one of the main cast members of the dance reality series Dance Moms. Abby Miller, the ALDC instructor known for having favorites among her pupils, discovered Brynn after her longstanding favorite Maddie Ziegler decided to leave the program. But the other moms on the show didn’t like that since they all wanted their girls to fill the void. They persisted in doing this toward Brynn and her mother Ashlee, who is known for not being a team player. Brynn won a challenge to join the ALDC team, but several of the moms expressed their displeasure over it and didn’t even applaud her when Abby officially awarded her the team jacket. Brynn was anxious about participating in a male-female duel during a competition. Even though it was later discovered that Brynn was prepared backstage despite first feeling uneasy, the other moms blamed Brynn when her male spouse declined to appear on stage.

Behind The Scenes

The mother of Brynn Rumfallo is Ashlee Allen, and the father is Aaron Rumfallo. Sadie, her younger sister, and Noah, her younger brother, are her siblings. Brynn has two dogs, Lucy and Gigi, and she adores animals. When she grows older, she wants to support Katy Perry on stage. She loves Rihanna a lot and would love the opportunity to meet her.

Estimated net worth

Brynn Rumfallo has a modeling career in addition to her dance career and has posed for companies including California Kisses Dancewear, Miss Behaved Girls, and Abby Lee Apparel. Brynn debuted her apparel line in 2017. She has a YouTube channel where she posted her vlogs as well. Her YouTube channel has over 361k subscribers. Brynn has more than 3.1 million followers on Instagram. Brynn’s net worth as of 2023 is believed to be around $2 Million because she hasn’t been very open about her wealth and sources of income.


Brynn attended ALDC Booty Camp in 2014 alongside her teacher Alexa, her studio mates Kalani Hilliker and Sarah Reasons, and Brynn won a scholarship in the ALDC Dance Off before signing up for Dance Moms.