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A cricket player, actor, and model from South Africa is named Byron Langley. The ‘Simon Brown’ character he played in the ‘Spud’ franchise is what made him most famous. He was a participant in the first three movies in the series. Additionally, Byron has participated in a few modeling campaigns for “Full Circle Models” and “Ice Models.” Byron played cricket professionally before making the transition to acting. Later, he rose to prominence with the “Berea Rovers Cricket Club” after beginning his career playing for the “Futura Sports Agency.” The “Last Man Stands World Championships” were attended by him. Byron runs two “YouTube” channels and is active on social media. He plays in the independent rock group Cat and the Cuckoo.

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Career in Cricket

Byron began by playing cricket professionally. He had always dreamed of playing cricket. He began competing as the first player sponsored by the “Futura Sports Agency.” The ‘Berea Rovers Sports Club’ in Durban awarded Byron a one-year scholarship on the advice of the organization. Byron started as the ‘Berea Rovers’ opening bowler but later rose to become one of the team’s best players. Paddy Steytler, the director of cricket at the “Berea Rovers,” was impressed by his outstanding achievements. Following Byron’s outstanding performance against “Cornwood CC” during a UK tour, Paddy worked with the club to have Byron signed as an international player for their upcoming campaign. The following year, the team bought Byron for the “Devon Premier League.” In 2013, he took part in the “Last Man Stands World Championships.” Career in Acting

Byron started his acting career while participating in English club cricket. He also performed modeling work for several well-known companies, including “Mr. Price TVC.” He participated in “Truworths’ Summer Identity Campaign.” Modeling companies like “Ice Models” and “Full Circle Models” were clients of Byron’s. Later, he was appointed as the spokesperson for the clothing company Totam Clothing.

With the comedy film “Spud,” released in 2010, Byron made his acting debut. He played “Simon Brown,” a sporty youngster with a great love for cricket, in the movie. Later, he also made an appearance in the third installment, “Learning to Fly,” as well as the second installment, “The Madness Continues” (2013). Byron has previously played the supporting character of “Kevin” in the 2011 South African drama movie “Otelo Burning.” He performed in his first professional play, “Matric Rage,” the same year. Byron made an appearance as “Warren” in the romantic comedy “The Kissing Booth” in 2018. Additionally, he had a brief appearance in the reality TV film “The Dating Game Killer.”

A Cape Town-based indie rock and roll band called “Cat and the Cuckoo” features Byron on drums as well.
Byron has a YouTube account with the same name where he frequently uploads vlogs, storytimes, and reaction videos. He once shared a video of his response to his performance in “The Kissing Booth.” He currently has more than 116 thousand subscribers thanks to the channel. Additionally, he co-owns the “YouTuber” Thomas Willows-created channel “Langers and Mash.” The channel, which primarily features comedy and music, currently has about 34,000 subscribers. Additionally, Byron has a presence on Instagram with more than 290k followers.

Individual Life of Byron Langley

On July 1, 1993, Byron R. Langley was born in Durban, South Africa. Bevan Langley, who is a professional surfer, is his older brother. Byron has a sister named Mel as well. In South Africa’s Cape Town, he is presently a resident.

Byron went to ‘Glenwood High School’ in Durban. His mother encouraged him to take a strong interest in doodling that was inspired by art. He produced the “Nibbs” comic strip in high school. The ‘University of KwaZulu-Natal’ later awarded Byron a BA in drama and management.

Byron’s fascination with drumming first became apparent when he was a young child. He picked up the guitar when he was growing up because he was interested in drumming, and he has been playing both instruments ever since. Byron also enjoys photography, videography, and surfing. Byron doesn’t cook well, but he produces incredible chocolate brownies. Even in school, he had a chocolate brownie empire. Byron enjoys traveling, and Zavora in Mozambique is one of his favorite vacation spots. He adores ‘Johnnys Rotis’ chip and triple cheese rotis for snacks.

Byron likes to watch Test cricket and rugby. The 2010 American psychological thriller “Shutter Island” is his all-time favorite film. Newcastle is Byron’s preferred “English Premier League” team.

On his ‘Instagram’ page, Byron frequently features photos of Camilla Wolfson, with whom he is in a relationship.

Byron Langley’s Net Worth

Byron is one of the wealthiest and most well-known models. Our research of Byron Langley’s net worth from Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider revealed a $5 million figure.