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Sydney, Australia
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Sydney, Australia

Famous 5SOS bassist Calum is a member of the pop-punk group “5 Seasons of Summer.” With the use of social media, Calum rose to success as a musician. Together with Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin, he wrote music that propelled his band into the top 20 on the Billboard charts. He encourages his bandmates to write songs as well because he is the group’s primary songwriter and has written most of the group’s songs. He has a huge social media fan base and is regarded by his fellow group members as having the “greatest figure.” He frequently posts photos on Twitter, where he has more than 7.2 million followers, and on Instagram, where he has a whopping 5.3 million followers. Additionally, 5SOS has a joint YouTube channel with other musicians called after the band, which has 3.6 million followers and more than 660 million views.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

The same school was attended by Calum, Michael, and Luke. They frequently hung together and recorded cover songs of well-known tunes since they loved music and played the guitar. They met Ashton, a percussionist, in 2011. They had finished their band after Ashton joined. Together with the band, Luke Hemmings started a YouTube channel where they posted cover songs.

They were well known for their cover of Chris Brown’s “Next to You.” Louis Tomlinson, a member of the band “One Direction,” tweeted during this performance that people should start supporting the young men. They gained widespread fame as a result, and Sony’s ATV Music Publishing’ soon signed them. The Australian group later played on a 2013 “One Direction Tour.”

They released their debut single, “She Looks So Perfect,” in 2014, with lyrics written by Calum. Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden all had the song at the top of their music charts. The band released their self-titled album the following year, which was a tremendous success and earned them an award from the UK-based rock publication “Kerrang.” In 2015, the band planned its own tour and was blown away by the reception it got from the public.

Why Calum Hood Is So Unique?

Calum is regarded as the group’s most endearing member. He is known for having the “boy-next-door looks” and being the “sweetest vocalist of 5SOS.” He exercises regularly and is athletic. He is also very dedicated and challenges the team to go beyond their comfort zones.

This Australian-Kiwi has a sizable female fan base, but he is modest and doesn’t boast about it. He seems to be a family man because he spends most of his holidays with them. He gets along well with his bandmates and often compliments them on their abilities.

Calum Hood’s Past Fame

Although Calum is the center of the band, he enjoys playing football when he isn’t shooting or recording. He has many tattoos on his body, but the “MMXII” tattoo on the side of his chest—a tribute to the year his band gained popularity—is the most notable one.

He draws influence from bands from the 1990s including “Boys Like Girls,” “Green Day,” and “All Time Low.” Hawaiian pizza and chips are his preferred foods (without salt or vinegar). He would choose chocolate mint ice cream as his one dessert to live by. Calum prefers animated movies, with “Monsters Inc.” being his favorite. He also has a major infatuation with Katy Perry, a famous musician.

Behind The Scenes

David and Joy Hood had a son named Calum in Sydney. He is partly Kiwi because his mother is a New Zealander. Despite not having any Asian or Chinese ancestry, he is frequently mistaken for being one. Mali Koa Hood is the name of Calum’s sister. She is a vocalist and participated in the Australian version of “The Voice.”

She advanced to the “battle round,” but she was not chosen to go to the “knockout round.” Calum did well at school. He was a student at Norwest Christian College and had a passion for sports, particularly football. But as his music career took off, he decided against playing in a national football championship and gave up his studies to devote more time to his band.

Calum claims to have a soft spot for smart women with brown hair. He allegedly had romantic relationships in the past with Lucy Kaufmann, Samantha Alaimo, and Caitlin Davis. Currently, he has been spotted with Hey Violet drummer Nia Lovelis. Although they have been spending a lot of time together, the two have not publicly acknowledged their romance.

Estimated Net Worth

Australian musician and vocalist Calum Hood has a $20 million dollar fortune. January 1996 saw the birth of Calum Hood.