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Popular YouTuber Camden Scott gained notoriety for her channel “NowThisIsLiving,” which she co-founded with her former romantic partner Shannon Beveridge. Camden currently has her own personal YouTube channel, In Full Bloom with Cammie Scott, which is run by her girlfriend. She writes about her life experiences on her own web domain as well. Camden has a sizable fan base thanks to her success on YouTube, and they adore her weekly articles on fitness, life, and other topics. Additionally, Camden has a sizable fan base on Twitter and Instagram. In addition to being a social media whiz, Camden is also a successful businessman and co-owner of an internet company called The Ripple Effect Co.

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Become a Star

‘NowThisIsLiving’, the YouTube channel that made Camden Scott famous, is now quite popular. It’s interesting to note that the channel not only brought her praise and admiration but also love! Yes, Camden collaborated on the channel with her then-girlfriend, as crazy as it may sound. After then, it would be safe to claim that Camden made up only half of the channel’s contributors. Together, the two created a fantastic channel that attracted a lot of love and admiration; their subscriber list is proof of this. The channel “NowThisIsLiving” has 550K subscribers. For several of their videos, the trio even teamed up with other YouTubers, like Kaelyn and Lucy. However, after their breakup, Shannon turned the channel into a personal account.

Camden has also created her own YouTube channel, “In Full Bloom Cammie Scott,” where she posts videos every Friday on life in general, wellness, and beauty. More than 312K people are channel subscribers. Camden started a personal vlog where she updates her own adventures and stories. Along with being a YouTuber and vlogger, Camden is also a co-owner of The Ripple Effect Co., an online business that sells products with a portion of the revenue going to a fan-selected charity. Camden is very active on social media platforms as well. More than 375K people follow her Instagram page, where she updates her admirers on her life, and 180K people follow her on Twitter.

Individual Life of Camden Scott

In Pennsylvania, United States, on March 11, 1991, Camden Scott was born. She has an older brother named Lee, but that is about all that is known about her personal life. In terms of her education, Scott graduated from Victor Valley High School. She then applied to Victory Valley Ems College from there. Camden began her YouTuber career in her late teens. Camden is a gay who was romantically associated with Shannon Beveridge from November 2012 to May 2016. They frequently shared photos of themselves on her social media platform. However, the relationship between the two deteriorated, and by the end of 2016, Camden had split up from Shannon. Camden was seen with Kara Godfrey in 2017, showing that it’s never too late to find love. It has been reported that the two are dating.

Cammie Scott’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest American YouTube stars is Cammie. Our research of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider revealed that Cammie Scott has a net worth of $5 million.