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Carissa Alvarado is an American vocalist and songwriter. She is a member of the musical duo ‘Us the Duo,’ which also includes her spouse Michael Alvarado. Carissa grew up in the United States. She had a strong interest in singing as a youth. At age 5, she started singing in church ensembles. Michael and she met on the set of a music video. They quickly established a duo and began releasing music online. They began uploading “Vines” and acapella adaptations in 2013. Early on, they labored for recognition, but their popularity eventually soared. In March of 2014, they entered into an agreement with ‘Republic Records.’ In the same year, they released the song ‘No Matter Where You Are,’ which was used as part of the original soundtrack for the film ‘The Book of Life’. It was also a significant achievement for them. They have thus far released four studio albums. Their debut album, entitled ‘Us,’ was released in 2012.

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Youth and Early Life

Carissa Alvarado was born Carissa Martin in Los Angeles on January 10, 1991. She is of Filipino and American descent. Since she was a youngster, she desired to become a singer. Bam Martin, her younger sibling, was also interested in the performing arts. He became a renowned dancer as an adult. She became interested in singing, and her family supported her endeavors. She routinely attended church with her family and joined the choir shortly thereafter. In addition, she grew up listening to Michael Jackson and began to idolize him.

She was five years old when she joined the church choir. She devoted her entire childhood and adolescence to aspiring to become a musician. After completing college, she was unable to enter the music industry. However, that changed after she inadvertently met Michael. In 2012, she met Michael through a mutual acquaintance. Soon after, they began dating. They discovered that music was their shared passion and decided to create music together. This resulted in the establishment of the duo ‘Us the Duo.’

Profession Of Carissa

Michael maintained a YouTube channel where he uploaded videos of all of his performances. After Carissa joined him, they began collaborating on music and uploaded their recordings to YouTube. In May of 2011, they uploaded one of their first compositions, a cover of the ‘Hannah Montana’ theme. The song was met with indifference. However, rather than give up, the pair chose to continue working together. They uploaded an original composition titled “Missing You Like Crazy” in August 2011. The song has received numerous “views.” A few months later, the song’s sales surpassed one million. This encouraged the couple to continue creating music.

They quickly added humorous “Vines” to their music videos. Additionally, they announced their wedding on the platform, which helped them acquire more subscribers. In addition, they uploaded successful renditions of songs by Rihanna and ‘Linkin Park.’ In the interim, they accumulated over a million followers on ‘Vine.’ At one point, they were more well-known as “Viners” than as musicians, and they used their ‘Vine’ account to gain more subscribers for their ‘YouTube’ channel.

They announced the release of their debut album, ‘Us,’ via their YouTube channel in June 2012. As they uploaded nearly the entire album to YouTube, their number of subscribers increased. They worked diligently to attract more interest and awaited a major breakthrough. In 2014, the duo eventually struck gold with their song ‘No Matter Where You Are.’ The song was uploaded by them in mid-2014 as their wedding video and captured the attention of the creative team of an upcoming animated film. At the time, ’20th Century Fox’ was searching for the ideal composition for their forthcoming animated film, ‘The Book of Life.’ They desired a song that demonstrated respect for family and affection.

They contacted the couple, and they attained the career-defining breakthrough they had been seeking. Audiences and critics adored the song, which appeared in the concluding scene of the film and was featured in the closing credits. Michael and Carissa were credited for their contributions to the song. After achieving success, their YouTube channel gained immense prominence. This was accompanied by their music video for the song “No Matter Where You Are” receiving countless “views.” Soon thereafter, several record labels approached them with contract offers. They chose to collaborate with ‘Republic Records,’ one of the most prominent American record labels. Oprah Winfrey also invited the couple to appear on her talk program.

In the same year, they announced the release of their second album, titled ‘No Matter Where You Are.’ The anticipation surrounding the lead single was enormous, and the album’s success was anticipated. By 2016, the couple had begun touring with their musical performances. They experimented with a cappella and accompanied ‘Pentatonix’ on their 2016 ‘World Tour.’ They visited numerous key cities in the United States before traveling to Rome, Tokyo, and Prague. However, the duo did not change their methods and continued to upload YouTube videos of cover versions of their favorite songs. Currently, their ‘YouTube’ channel has close to two million subscribers, and their ‘Vine’ account has approximately five million followers.

One of the most popular videos on their YouTube channel is titled “2015 Top Hits in 3.5 Minutes,” in which they perform a variety of songs in a brief amount of time. In July of 2016, the duo released their third studio album titled ‘Just Love.’ The album’s title track and several other compositions achieved immense popularity. Soon thereafter, the duo also began a national tour to promote their album.

In 2017, they released an album titled ‘Our Favourite Time of Year,’ which was yet another success for them. Additionally, they have released two EPs titled ‘Public Record’ and ‘Together.’ The sole inspiration for ‘Public Record’ was the fan-submitted narratives. In 2018, they auditioned for the talent competition ‘America’s Got Talent.’ They passed the audition stage and advanced to the primary rounds. Despite several impressive performances, they were eliminated in the semifinals.

Personal Facts About Carissa

In 2011, Carissa Alvardo met Michael. Carissa was invited to be an “extra” in a music video by a close acquaintance, and Michael was there for the same reason. Carissa and Michael dated for some time before tying the knot on April 26, 2012. In October 2018, the couple announced on ‘America’s Got Talent’ that they were expecting their first child.

Estimated Net Worth

Carissa is one of the wealthiest Pop singers from United States. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Carissa Alvarado has a $5 million net worth.