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YouTuber Carley Tabler is well-known for her appearances on her boyfriend BookOfKen’s channel, where she takes part in challenges and practical jokes. She is well-known on the internet as BookOfCarley. Tabler is a hilarious and eccentric woman who enjoys partaking in a wide range of lighthearted and humorous activities. She enjoys playing video games a lot and is knowledgeable about a variety of gaming platforms. Her partner and she have been together since 2016. Tabler is a loving, affectionate, and committed girlfriend to her partner. She also helps him out professionally in a variety of capacities, from maintaining his social media accounts to coming up with fresh, humorous content. Behind the curtains, Tabler is a direct, vivacious, and fearless lady who exudes warmth and friendliness. She has an excellent sense of style in addition to being attractive.

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Carley Tabler Ascent to Fame

Carley Tabler was once a gaming lady who went by the username cookycarley96. In 2016, she joined her boyfriend’s YouTube channel, BookOfKen. She has since been frequently featured on the channel, participating in absurd challenges, strange pranks, and entertaining vlogs. Tabler was initially featured in the vlog “Throwing Girlfriend’s Pokemon Off Balcony Prank.” November 2016 saw the release of this video, which featured Ken pulling a practical joke on her. Then, in the video “I Slipped Prank On Boyfriend,” which was released on December 1, 2016, Tabler pulled a practical joke on her partner. The public enjoyed this joke film so much that it received over a million views. It’s very funny to see the video!

The pair continued to release hoax movies over the next few months, spurred on by the positive feedback they were receiving. She has appeared in a few videos recently, including “He Dyed My Skin Blue Prank On Boyfriend.” Tabler plays a joke on Ken in this video by painting her entire body. Hundreds of thousands of people have seen the joke since it was posted in October 2018. With over 15 million views, “Dirty Lick My Body Challenge” is the most-watched video in which she has appeared.

She is currently well-known as BookOfKen’s girlfriend on YouTube. She also manages the BookOfCarley channel on YouTube. This channel has more than 62k followers despite not having any content as of yet.

Individual Life of Carley Tabler

On May 10, 1996, Carley Tabler was born in the United States. Since January 2016, she and her partner Ken, also known as BookOfKen, have been dating.

Through appearances on the channels of their respective prankster partners, Carley and Lesly Soto both became well-known. Before meeting Ken, Tabler’s social media profiles were all self-titled. She later renamed all of her social media accounts to BookOfCarley.

Net worth of Carley Tabler

The estimated net worth of Carley Tabler is about $1 million.