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American Carole or Carol Ann Boone was once married to kidnapper, rapist, serial murderer, and necrophile Ted Bundy. They wed in 1980, the day before he received his third death sentence, and remained married until 1986. Before her relationship with Bundy, little is known about Boone. She was previously married and had an adolescent son when she met Bundy for the first time. They both worked for the Washington State Department of Emergency Services at the time. She took an immediate liking to the young, charismatic, and subdued man who appeared to be interested in her. Bundy was initially captured in Utah. Faced with a growing number of homicides in multiple states, Bundy orchestrated two audacious prison breaks with alleged assistance from Boone. He subsequently murdered three individuals before being apprehended in Florida in 1978. Boone relocated to Florida to be near to the defendant during his trial, and he would serve as his character witness. In 1982, she reportedly gave birth to a daughter who was fathered by Bundy. Boone ceased visiting Bundy in 1986, roughly three years before his execution, ostensibly because the prison environment distressed her daughter. They have presumably been living under new identities since then.

An Early Years

Little to no information is available regarding Boone’s birthplace and upbringing. By the summer of 1974, she was employed in Olympia, Washington, at the Washington State Department of Emergency Services. Boone was intelligent, humorous, and extremely competent at her job, despite the fact that her personal life was in disarray.
Her former coworkers remembered her as a sister/mother figure who was highly competent in her position.

Nonetheless, she could easily descend into office-wide hilarity with her coworkers, such as initiating a rubber-band brawl or organizing a three-hour drinking session in the Voodoo Room of the nearby Bailey Motor Inn.
When Boone first met Bundy, one of her relatives had just died. She was attempting desperately to raise her teenage son Jamey (James, according to some sources). In addition, she was involved with “a large, unpleasant man” in a tumultuous relationship.

Confronting Ted Bundy

This is Theodore Robert Bundy was born Theodore Robert Cowell in Burlington, Vermont, in November 1946. There is no conclusive information about when he began killing because he never divulged the details of his earliest crimes, telling different stories to various individuals. However, by the time he arrived in Olympia and accepted a summer job at the Washington State Department of Emergency Services, he was already a seasoned murderer and criminal.
During this time, Bundy was in a relationship with Elizabeth Kloepfer (known in Bundy literature as Meg Anders, Beth Archer, or Liz Kendall), a divorcee he met in Utah in the autumn of 1969.

Bundy’s employment at the DES created an uproar, as both male and female employees found him intriguing. As for Boone, she was instantly captivated. She perceived him to be an introvert who carried himself with a sense of dignity.
She later claimed that Bundy conveyed his desire to date her from the start. Initially, however, there was only companionship between them. Bundy continued to date Kloepfer and a number of other women, the majority of whom were later assassinated.

First apprehended in Granger, Utah, on August 16, 1975, Bundy was charged with aggravated kidnapping and attempted criminal assault. Over time, he became a plausible suspect in a number of unsolved murder cases.
Investigators from Washington, Utah, and Colorado collaborated and determined that Ted Bundy was indeed the serial killer they had been searching for. In 1977, he successfully evaded capture twice before being apprehended in Florida. He had committed three more homicides by that point. 1979, during his trial in Florida, Boone and Bundy became very close. Many believe that she assisted him with his second prison break. They were constantly exchanging correspondence. To be near Bundy, Boone relocated to Florida with her son.

Wedlock with Ted Bundy

During his trial, Boone served as his character witness multiple times. Bundy was a member of his own defense team, having previously studied law. In 1980, she informed him of her desire to wed. He then petitioned the prison, expressing his desire to wed Boone. The prison administration denied the request.

Bundy, unfazed, was determined to utilize an obscure Florida statute. On February 9, 1980, during the trial for the murder of Kimberly Leach, Boone was summoned to testify. Bundy requested her hand in marriage. As the event took place in front of the presiding magistrate, they were legally wed. The following day, he was sentenced to death (for the third time) by electrocution.

In October 1982, Boone gave birth to Rose or Rosa Bundy. There are rumors as to whether Rose is actually Bundy’s daughter and, if so, how she was conceived. Although conjugal visits were prohibited at the prison where Bundy was held, the inmates were known to bribe the officers in exchange for private time with their female visitors. Boone continued to visit her husband, frequently bringing Rose along. In 1986, Bundy was assigned to death watch, which prohibited him from having physical contact with his family.

According to multiple sources, this upset Rose because she was denied the hugs she had previously received from her father, and she frequently launched major tantrums. Boone ultimately decided to cease visiting her husband altogether. Bundy was executed in the Raiford electric chair on January 24, 1989. By that time, Boone had vanished entirely. She likely changed both her and Rose’s names and moved to a new location.

In prevalent culture

As an integral component of Bundy’s narrative, Boone has been frequently mentioned in the literature about the serial killer. She has been portrayed on film and television numerous times. In the upcoming thriller film “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile,” British actress Kaya Scodelario will portray Boone, while Zac Efron will play Bundy.

Estimated Net Worth

In 2023, Carole Ann Boone’s estimated net worth is $3 million. Boone was a controversial American figure.