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Ridgewood, New Jersey
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Ridgewood, New Jersey

Carys Zeta Douglas is the daughter of Hollywood actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, winners of multiple Academy Awards. Carys is not new to the fashion sector; she debuted there already. She has also held positions with a few high-end fashion labels. The journal “Town and Country” has had Carys and her mother on its cover. In addition, she has been on other TV shows. Carys is Catherine and Michael’s only daughter and their second child. Both her older brother and older half-brother are her siblings. The Douglas children often attend their parents on the red carpet and other events.

Before their child’s birth

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas made a remarkable pair. It is uncommon in Hollywood for two people to be together for more than ten years. August 1998 marked the first time that Catherine and Michael had ever met. Even though Michael was married at the time, he did not live with his spouse. In 1999, Catherine and Michael confirmed their engagement. Dylan Michael, their son, was born in August 2000. Despite having different birth dates, Catherine and Michael are 25 years apart in age. The pair has managed to keep their relationship harmonious and compatible despite their extreme age differences.

Birth of Carys Zeta Douglas

On 20 April 2003, Carys was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA, at ‘Valley Hospital’. Her birth weight was six pounds, twelve ounces. Her mother’s side of the family is Welsh and British, whereas her father’s side is American and Bermudan. Cameron Douglas, Carys’ older half-brother, was born to Michael and Diandra Luker, his previous spouse.

Together, Carys and her mother were on the cover of “Town and Country.” This journal also included Carys’s exclusive interview in its September 2018 issue. Entitled ‘Modern Swans,’ the publication included information about Carys’s recollections of her teenage years, her bond with her parents, and her familial surroundings.

Carys was raised in the opulent Bermuda mansion of her parents. Michael and Catherine have always desired for their kids to be out of the spotlight. Carys was unaware of Michael’s celebrity when she was a little child and believed her father was a pancake maker. Carys endured bullying at school even though she was the daughter of a well-known couple. Carys’s parents were very different in age, hence she was frequently referred to as Michael’s granddaughter. She has also disclosed that she had severe trauma from paparazzi during her childhood.

Since elementary school, Carys has taken an active part in several acting initiatives. She performed in the rock musical “Spring Awakening” at her school. In the one-act drama “Once on This Island,” she had also taken on the role of the lead. Carys is intrigued by the medical field, though, as a potential future career path.

Cary enjoys traveling, and one of her favorite places to visit is Bali. Her ideal prom date would be Timothée Chalamet, a well-known American actor. The brand of ice cream that Carys prefers is “Häagen-Dazs.”

Career of Carys Zeta Douglas

Career Carys has already entered the modeling and fashion industries. She and her mother have both performed at the NYC Dance Alliance Foundation’s “Bright Lights Shining Stars Gala” with the Westchester Dance Academy. When Carys walked the ramp at the Michael Kors show at “New York Fashion Week” in September 2017, she made her fashion debut. She has also had positions with well-known premium labels including Chanel and Versace.

In 2018, Carys made her television debut on “Entertainment Tonight,” appearing in an episode. She made an appearance in an edition of the TV news program “Extra” that same year.

The net worth of Carys Zeta Douglas

The estimated net worth of Carys Zeta Douglas is about $1 million.