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American YouTuber Chandler Wilson posts about their personal experiences on their “ChandlerNWilson” channel as a transgender person. Their films cover a variety of topics, including education, LGBTQ identities, vlogs, and more. Wilson is a rapidly emerging YouTuber with a family of over 351k subscribers that never fails to amuse their viewers. They are direct and utilize social media to share both their personal life experiences as gender nonconforming people and to communicate with the rest of the world. Their videos are entertaining, interesting, funny, and definitely worth viewing, especially for individuals who identify as LGBTQ. Chandler Wilson, who was born in North Carolina, is not a shy person and is quite outspoken about their opinions on touchy subjects like gender and sexuality, love, relationships, etc. Wilson is a charming and good-natured individual who is close to a select group of individuals with whom they go out and have fun.

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Become a Star

On January 17, 2010, Chandler Wilson launched the YouTube channel ChandlerNWilson. They’ve been posting entertaining and engrossing vlogs on this channel ever since. The community on the channel is welcoming to people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, and romantic orientations. Wilson publishes a wide range of content, including vlogs on his personal life as well as instructional videos and articles on LGBTQ issues. Their videos show what is happening in their lives and the many experiences they have had thus far. To promote and raise awareness for the LGBTQ community, the YouTuber also frequently features other LGBTQ YouTube stars on their channel.

Wilson additionally creates videos specifically for transgender people and frequently includes their fiancé Alexander Chapman in their productions.

More than 200 videos have been uploaded by Chandler Wilson on their YouTube account as of this writing. In terms of the channel’s popularity, it has over 351k subscribers. The channel has a respectable amount of overall views (59 million as of September 2018). The “Chapstick Challenge,” “Payton Does My Makeup,” and “Girlfriend Tag Transgender Edition” are a few must-see films on A remarkable challenge between Wilson and their ex-girlfriend is shown in the first video. Wilson and their old sweetheart are shown together in the second video, with the latter applying makeup on the former. The third one is a tag video when the YouTuber responds to inquiries about their private lives.

‘Trans Terminology ft Thomas Sanders’ is one of Chandler Wilson’s most recent videos uploaded on the channel. The video was posted on August 5, 2018, and it has already received over 126k views and more than 12k likes.

Individual Life of Chandler Wilson

On August 7, 1998, in North Carolina, the United States, Chandler Wilson was born Elena Wilson. They previously dated a woman by the name of Payton. Wilson proposed to their partner Alexander Chapman in October 2016. The couple frequently appears in the YouTuber’s videos, participating in challenges and tags while also expressing their love for one another.

Estimated Net Worth of Chandler Wilson

The estimated net worth of Chandler Wilson is around $1 million.