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Chantel Jeffries is an internationally acclaimed model signed with Wilhemina Modeling agency. She is perhaps most known for her relationship with famed pop artist Justin Bieber. She’s a DJ and a well-known social media figure. She has 2.1 million Instagram followers and is well-known for her Instagram photos. She is also well-known on Twitter, where she has 215k followers. She has almost 415k followers on Vine, with over 28 million ‘loop counts,’ or views. She recently launched a YouTube channel to share her fashion and beauty tutorials as well as travel vlogs. In less than a year, she has 152k YouTube subscribers. EncreNoir, Chantel’s own range of temporary tattoos, is now available. She also has her own brand of cosmetics, which includes lip glosses, eyeliner, and a 12-piece brow grooming kit. In 2016, she is set to make her film debut as Fawn in The Perfect Match.

The Ascension To Stardom

After she began uploading her modeling photos on Instagram, Chantel became a well-known figure on the social media platform. She developed ‘small methods’ to make herself more presentable as a child when she struggled with her thick eyebrows. Her interest in beauty tutorials and items grew as a result of this. Her beauty tips and tricks earned her a large following. She was also featured on reality TV star Kim Kardashian’s website in a beauty instruction. As Justin Beiber’s buddy and reported girlfriend, she drew a lot of attention. Bieber is said to have written the song ‘Love Yourself’ with Chantel in mind.

What is it about Chantel Jeffries that makes her so unique?

Chantel Jeffries is a well-known model. Her director at Wilhemina Modeling agency even endorsed her, saying it was a pleasure to represent her. Her beauty and fashion advice is also well-known. Her brow make-up videos and fake freckles lessons made her a social media sensation. She had been living the usual life of a full-time student until she was caught with Bieber in Miami, according to her. Friends and family members were taken aback by the incident. Others stated she was a quiet, very clever ‘geek’ girl in school, while others claimed she always wanted a celebrity lover.

Beyond the Notoriety

The most well-known of Chantel Jeffries’ accomplishments may not be the ones she is most proud of. When she was discovered with Justin Bieber when he was jailed in Miami for intoxicated drag racing, she received a lot of attention. They’ve been seen together a lot since that event, leading to rumors that they’re dating. She appears to share Bieber’s desire for thrilling adventures, as she was previously charged with speeding. According to the Daily Mail, this was not her first arrest; she had been detained five times previously, including once for assault with a deadly weapon, though the charges were quickly dropped. Chantel later stated in an interview that she has never committed any crime and that the reports are false.

However, Bieber isn’t the only celebrity Chantel has worked with. She rose to prominence after dating P. Diddy’s kid, Justin Combs. She dated rapper Lil Twist, who is also a Bieber friend, for a period. She was also dating NFL athlete DeSean Jackson at the time. She just became a Twitter sensation after spending time with Manchester United footballer Paul Pogba.

Behind the Scenes

Chantel Jeffries, the daughter of a retired Marine Colonel, was born in California on October 1, 1992, but reared in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Her younger brother is her only sibling. Because her father was in the military, Chantel had to relocate from one state to another during her youth. As a child, she moved about to seven different states, making it difficult for her to form friends. She does, however, believe that the experience has made her a more complete person. Chantel used to play travel soccer when she was younger. Oliver and Marley, two Bengal cats, are her pets. She enjoys cooking and her favorite dish to prepare is Tajine. She is so passionate with skincare that she would have been a doctor if she wasn’t in the entertainment industry. She looks up to Jennifer Lawrence for inspiration, despite the fact that she is a celebrity in her own right. She is also a tremendous fan of Morgan Freeman, and her favorite TV show is ‘Through the Worm Hole,’ which he presents.

Estimated Net Worth

Chantel Jeffries’s Net Worth is about $3 Million.