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Young American artist Charles Gitnick is quite well-liked on Instagram. He has become a well-known figure in the field of modern art, best recognized for his 3D anti-gun artwork that has gotten widespread media attention not just in the United States but in many other nations as well. He paints abstracts and landscapes expertly in addition to doing anti-gun art. He was just ten or eleven years old when he experienced success for the first time a few years ago. He began displaying his artwork at major American exhibitions when he was just 11 years old. He continued to display his work widely over the years at locations all over the world, including Switzerland and Colombia. Charles, a rising figure in the arts community, created accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote his work. The young artist’s admirers started enthusiastically following him on internet platforms, which helped him become a well-known social media celebrity. Charles Gitnick has more than 356k Instagram followers, 38k Twitter followers, and 3.3k Facebook followers as of June 2017.

Charles Gitnick’s Career

Charles Gitnick has had a natural appreciation for the arts from birth. He began creating paintings at home when he was just five years old. His earliest works were landscapes and abstractions. His parents soon became aware of their young son’s abilities and enrolled him in art classes. The child, however, disliked the classes because he believed his teachers were stifling his creativity.

As a result, he quit the program and began learning about art on his own using books and videos. Jackson Pollack and Jean-Michel Basquiat, whom he admires as an artist, are among his favorites. He genuinely appreciates their creativity.

After learning about the frequent shootings and terrorist attacks, Charles was inspired to use weapons in his artwork. His audience needed to understand that since firearms are frightening and deadly, they should be kept off the streets.

His paintings demonstrate how the figures of the guns are hidden under brilliant hues, virtually invisible. By creating such pieces, the young artist sends a symbolic message: it’s best to keep guns hidden and confined to art galleries.

The young person has gone a long way from beginning small, in his own home, where he sold his first piece of anti-gun artwork. He has commissions coming in from all over the United States as well as Canada, Australia, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, and Columbia as of June 2017!

He exhibits his artwork in a number of well-known galleries across the world and charges up to $2500 for each piece. This young man is not only promoting peace, but he has also established a name for himself as a budding artist with much to offer the world. For a boy who is still in his teens, that’s not at all awful!

Chaeles’s Individual Life

On April 3, 2002, Charles Gitnick was born in Los Angeles. His father’s name is Neil, and he has an older brother named Thomas, but that is about all that is known about them. Charles’s family supported him in following his interests in the arts from an early age, and it was his father who assisted him in selling his first piece of artwork.

In addition to producing art, the teen enjoys skateboarding and sports. He collaborated with social media personality Joey Birlem in the video “Why you shootin’ me buddy” on, which is now known as TikTok. Additionally, the two teenagers have gone on tours and jointly to ‘Meet & Greet’ occasions. They even have products like hoodies, t-shirts, and mugs for sale.

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