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Charlie Brake is a socialite and television personality from England who is best known for hosting the hit dating reality series “Love Island.” He is currently under the guidance of “Neon Management,” the top management and PR firm in the United Kingdom. Charlie Brake is a well-known internet personality who has a sizable fan base spread over numerous social media sites. His Twitter account has gained more than 42,000 followers, whilst his Instagram page has more than 778,000.

Early childhood and life

On January 5, 1995, Charlie Brake was born in England. Due to the fact that his grandpa founded and was the proprietor of the renowned food distribution business “Brakes,” he was born into a family of business owners. Later, the corporation was purchased by an American company called “Sysco” for billions of dollars. Charlie Brake was raised in an affluent household in Chelsea, London, and had an opulent childhood. Charlie Brake attended Somerset’s famous “Millfield” boarding school to further his education. Charlie stayed in the “King Weston” boarding house while he was a guest at the “Millfield.”

Presentation on television

Charlie Brake gladly accepted the offer to take part in the well-known dating reality TV series “Love Island” because of his attractiveness and opulent lifestyle. He made an appearance in the fourth season of the program, which was shown on “ITV2.” The program premiered on June 4, 2018, and it ultimately became “ITV2’s” most watched program ever. After joining the competition on day 26, Charlie Brake was paired with well-known Instagram personality Ellie Brown. In the show, Charlie Brake and Ellie Brown began dating, and the two looked wonderful together. Charlie Brake’s time on “Love Island” unfortunately came to an end on the 43rd day of the competition. Despite being ousted from the competition, Charlie Brake and Ellie remained together until they made the decision to part ways in September 2018.

Job in Social Media

An influential user on social media is Charlie Brake. Over a number of social media channels, he has thousands of fans. His personal life is depicted in great detail in the photos and videos on his Twitter account. In addition to Twitter, he is active on Instagram, where he frequently publishes intriguing images. ‘Neon Management,’ which handles his photography works, contracts, and negotiations, is currently in charge of managing his profile.

Personal & Family Life

Even after leaving “Love Island,” Charlie Brake still seeing Ellie Brown. But he ended things with Ellie in September 2018 and announced it on his Instagram page. After breaking up with Ellie, he nearly immediately began dating Kimberley Owen. Charlie Brake spends a lot of money maintaining his opulent lifestyle. In popular vacation spots like Bali, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Monte Carlo, and Dubai, he is frequently pictured having a wonderful time. He has a staggering array of automobiles, including a Porsche, a few Ferraris, and Range Rovers. He even owns a personal helicopter that he uses to travel the globe. Polo, snowboarding, and skiing are a few of his interests. He also takes pleasure in going to the gym.

He ran the “London Marathon” in 2018 to raise money for a good cause. Practice of Muay Thai boxing and support of his preferred soccer team, “Arsenal Football Club,” are a couple of his other passions. He shared a photo of himself cheering on “Arsenal Football Club” at “The Football Association Challenge Cup” on May 28, 2017.
Charlie Brake is close to his mother, as seen by the frequency with which she appears in photos on his official Instagram account.

Net worth of Charlie Brake

The estimated net worth of Charlie Brake is about $1 million.