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Long Beach, California
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Chase Goehring is an American vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist who rose to prominence after appearing on NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ during the 2017 season. He performed his original song ‘Illusion’ at the performance, which was well received. Some of his tracks have also reached the top of the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts. On Spotify, his tune ‘A Capella’ has over 7k views. Chase also won a YouNow singer-songwriter competition. He is also well-liked on social media, with 107k Twitter followers and 203k Instagram followers. He started YouTube in 2011 and now has 240k subscribers. His abilities and growing fan base drew the notice of ‘The X Factor talent scouts long before he appeared on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ He was chosen for ‘America’s Got Talent’ after performing his original composition ‘Hurt’ at the audition. He did well in the race, finishing in the top ten. He is frequently asked to perform at social media events such as Playlist Live, DigiFest, TeenHoot, PressPlay, and MAGCON.

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Chase Goehring’s Career

Chase Goehring began his musical career while still in secondary school. He learned to sing and play the instrument by watching YouTube videos. He became the keyboardist for a rock and roll band because he knew how to perform the piano, which is similar to the keyboard. They also performed a few performances. During his eighth grade, he started writing songs and uploading them as YouTube videos for his fans.

He and another member of the rock and roll band created their own band, The AcoustiKats. Chase began singing for the first time in the ensemble. They played on the streets of Franklin and received positive feedback. His lyrics developed and became thought-provoking as he matured. He bases all of his songs on personal events. His shows captivate the audience by combining vocals, sing-rap, and rap with catchy lyrics.

His debut song, ‘A Capella,’ was widely praised when it was released in 2015. In 2016, he released his first EP named ‘Jaded’, which consisted of five songs including ‘Illusion’, ‘What is love’, ‘California’, and ‘Jaded’. In 2017, he competed on NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent,’ finishing fifth out of ten competitors. He also appeared on Season 3 of ‘The X Factor,’ where he passed the tryouts but did not advance to the finals.

Chase’s Private Affairs

Chase Goehring was born in Long Beach, California, USA on November 2, 1995. He was not particularly interested in music as a child, though he did take piano classes in middle school because his parents required it. During his high school years, he became interested in music and began sharing his songs on YouNow. He taught himself how to sing correctly and play the ukulele and guitar by watching YouTube videos. He now lives in Tennessee because his folks relocated there when he was a child.

Estimated Net Worth

Chase is one of the wealthiest Pop Singers and one of the most famous Pop Singers. Chase Goehring’s net wealth is $5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.