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Stockton, California
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Stockton, California

The charismatic and suave Chase Hudson is a social media influencer who is better known as a’muser’ due to his large fan base on the popular app ‘ (now TikTok)’. He has over 330K fans on the app and 110K Instagram followers. On most of his social media profiles, Chase Hudson is known as ‘’ He also has 858 Twitter followers. Chase, on the other hand, has amassed thousands of admirers on TikTok thanks to his rapid moves and humorous facial expressions. He is also incredibly athletic and enjoys sports; he not only adores his favorite sports but has also tried his hand at a variety of them. What’s even more remarkable is that he excels in a variety of sports!

The Ascension to Stardom

Teenagers all over the world are rooting for him. His TikTok videos, in particular, are really hilarious. Chase began his career as ‘’ on ‘YouNow,’ before moving on to ‘TikTok,’ where his popularity skyrocketed. He began by familiarizing himself with social media, as did all other teens. He gained a lot of attention after publishing numerous of his videos on his channel, and his videos went viral. In numerous TikTok videos, he has cooperated with his girlfriend, Mary Kate, who is known as ‘officialMK.’ His cousins have appeared in his videos as well. His supporters gradually began to follow him on other social media platforms such as ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter.’ Soon after, he started his own ‘YouTube’ channel, where he publishes films of his family, baseball games, and hanging out with his friends and girlfriend, in addition to his videos as a’muser.’

What is it about Chase Hudson that makes him so unique?

Chase may appear to be an ordinary teenage lad at first glance, but wait till you see him sway to the music with his distinct emotions! Chase is a master at persuading you to watch his channel. He’s multi-talented; he can get you grooving along with him or leave you speechless as you watch him play. It’s no surprise that he has so many people’s hearts melting for him. Chase communicates with his followers via live broadcasts on ‘YouNow,’ where he engages with them and updates them on his new videos and personal life. As a result, when it comes to mixing with his followers, he transcends all communication boundaries. This could explain why he is surrounded by such a large crowd.

Beyond the Notoriety

Chase, in addition to being one of the most popular TikTok stars, enjoys playing basketball, and his favorite team is the ‘Golden State Warriors.’ Chase also participates in baseball, volleyball, and football. He prefers to dress in joggers and sport t-shirts. Because of his passion for all things sports, Nike is his favorite brand. He frequently posts images of himself with his family in addition to sports. He comes from a huge, close-knit family. On his social media profiles, he has a few cousins that are constantly trending. As a result, we see him dragging his family along with him and making them a part of his celebrity. Chase has a musical bent, and Drake is his favorite rapper. We know he can dance, and he enjoys singing as well.

Personal & Family Life

Chase is already a social media sensation, but what makes him so endearing is his love for his family. Chase adores his mother, and the two’s relationship and transparency shone through in a YouTube Q&A. Chase adores his father just as much as he does his mother. On his father’s birthday, he publicly wished him a happy birthday and told him how important he is in Chase’s life. We are overjoyed to see such love between youngsters and their parents! His parents have established an excellent example of parenting, as evidenced by his upbringing. Chase began dating at a young age, and in November 2015, he fell for popular internet sensation Mary Kate. They’re both still going strong. Because they are both so young, it is impossible to predict how long their relationship will last, but they make an excellent pair and, most importantly, they appear to be best friends. Chase will undoubtedly remain a viral hit on the internet for a long time due to his youth and charisma.

Estimated Net Worth

Chase Hudson has a net worth of $3 million.


Despite the fact that Mary Kate is a fellow muser, Chase first met her at school and began dating her shortly after.