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An American social media personality known for her sharing of fashion vlogs is Chelsea Crockett. She uploads a wide range of other videos on her self-titled YouTube channel in addition to fashion vlogs. These videos focus on lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Additionally, she has published numerous story time videos, Q&A videos, daily vlogs, videos on life tips, and many other types of videos. She and her boyfriend Nick founded the “Nick and Chels” YouTube channel, which she also owns. She has participated in numerous YouTube series and is linked to numerous fashion and beauty companies. She was a 2012 “NYX Face Awards” finalist. She has already entered the performing world and made appearances in a few films and television programs. The book “Your Own Beautiful: Advice and Inspiration from Chelsea Crockett,” written by Chelsea, is a beauty manual for young ladies.

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Personal & Family Life

Chelsea Crockett was born on March 2, 1998, to Michelle and Brandon Crockett in a suburb of St. Louis, Illinois, in the United States. She shared a sister tag video with her younger sister Kylie. She has featured her brother Chandler, who is also a YouTuber, in some of her videos. Her father is the one that films and edits all of her videos. Chelsea has won her parents’ support despite having dropped out of college, and they have assisted her in advancing her YouTube career.

Chelsea is seeing a man by the name of Nick. On Twitter, he discovered her profile, and her videos and posts caught his attention. They met in an Atlanta restaurant after becoming friends on social media. They began dating long-distance, but ten months later they moved in together. Chelsea enjoys eating and is particularly fond of many ethnic cuisines. Chicken nuggets and flavored smoothies are two of her all-time faves.

Fame on social media

Early in her adolescence, Chelsea entered the world of vlogging. On July 3, 2011, she started her first YouTube channel, and a month later, she uploaded her first video. Chelsea has since continued to routinely post videos to her channel. She first began producing videos about fashion and beauty, including “makeup tutorials,” “hairstyle tutorials,” and “hair & skin care regimen.”

She eventually developed the confidence to talk about topics that are typically taboo. She soon started opening up and talking about many subjects on YouTube. Body image difficulties, bullying, the menstrual cycle, long-distance relationships, dropping out of college, etc. are just a few of the subjects Chelsea has commented on. Chelsea developed a reputation as a role model for many young people throughout the world since her films typically have a good effect on their viewers.

For a few of her challenge videos, she has worked with well-known fashion vloggers including Rachel Levin and Adelaine Morin. Chelsea has a second YouTube account that she frequently vlogs on. Her friends, family, and vacations are all featured in videos on the channel. When she was nominated for the 2012 “NYX Face Award” in the category of “Beauty Vlogger of the Year,” her popularity made her a strong contender. She, unfortunately, lost the competition to Charis Lincoln, a fellow YouTuber. Chelsea has a close friendship with Charis, who is also an inspiration to her.

Chelsea is linked to the well-known American teen publication “Seventeen.” She has made an appearance in the well-liked show “17Before17,” which is published on the magazine’s official YouTube channel. Some of the magazine’s print editions also included Chelsea as a feature. Chelsea has also advocated for other well-known publications like “Trends” and “Teen Vogue.”

Chelsea made her broadcast debut on the HLNtv network program “BeautyLicious: Offline.” After that, Chelsea wrote her book, “Your Own Beautiful: Advice and Inspiration from Chelsea Crockett,” which was well-received by reviewers. Young women can use the book as a guide to help them find their inner beauty.

She also runs a website with articles, product reviews, and freebies about fashion and beauty. Chelsea is a rising star in the acting industry and is also a working actress. She portrayed Ava in the 2016 movie “Wish for Christmas,” which you may have seen. Chelsea is now honing her editing techniques and concentrating on raising the caliber of her YouTube videos as a whole. She will create more storytelling and group collaboration videos in the future.

Chelsea Crockett’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is Chelsea. According to our research, Chelsea Crockett has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.