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Chilled Chaos, also known as Anthony, is an American YouTube personality best known for his humorous commentary while playing video games on his channel, ‘CriousGamers (Chilled Chaos)’ His channel is a one-stop shop for gamers because it is filled with amusement, originality, and entertainment. Whether you enjoy playing The Classic Mystery Game or are a fan of Fortune Street, Chilled Chaos has you covered. In addition to his entertaining gameplay videos, his hilarious commentary is guaranteed to make anyone chuckle out loud. Regarding the gamer’s notoriety, his channel currently has over 1.3 million subscribers. (June 2018).On his second channel, titled ChilledChaosGAME, he uploads all unedited videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and gameplay footage. Personality-wise, Chilled Chaos is an intelligent and hilarious man with an almost unbeatable sense of humor. He is presently engaged and enjoying life with his sweetheart.

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Chilled’s Achieve Stardom

In October 2008, Anthony launched his YouTube channel CriousGamers (Chilling Chaos). This channel is routinely updated with gameplay videos for popular video games such as The Sims 3, Fallout 4, Mario Kart, Town of Salem, and Duck Game, among others.

The channel’s most entertaining gaming videos are ‘DISENGAGE the Tank Wife- Free For All Champion,’ ‘The SHELLSHOCK Implosion – Chilled Needs a Drink,’ and ‘High-Level Trainwreck- Stuck in No Man’s Land. Additionally, the YouTuber’s other videos are engaging and entertaining.

“Live Free or Worm Hard – The Salty Explosions” is one of the most recent videos uploaded by the gamer to his main channel. Since its release on May 25, 2018, this video has received over 115k views. In 2015, he launched his second channel, entitled ChilledChaosGAME. It contains every unedited segment from Anthony’s gaming videos. This secondary channel has over 137k subscribers and is also performing well in terms of views.

Chilled Chaos was previously a member of The Creatures. He quit the group in 2011, however. Once, he even uploaded a video to his channel explaining his departure from the group. Since departing The Creatures, the YouTube gamer has founded The Derp Crew 1, ChronoCast, and The Bros Angels, in addition to Smarty, EatMyDiction1, The Prison Shanks, and GassyMexican. In 2014, Chilled Chaos joined the ensemble Machinima Live.

Chaos’s Personal Life

Chilled Chaos was formed in New York on May 30, 1991. He earned a degree from Hofstra University. There is no known information regarding his parents’ occupations and heritage. Regarding his romantic life, the YouTuber has been engaged to his longtime companion Jess since February 2018. The couple’s dog’s name is Rexxar.

Estimated Net Worth

Chilled is one of the wealthiest and most renowned YouTube celebrities. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, the net worth of Chilled Chaos is $5 million.