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A well-known comic actor, screenwriter, and stand-up comedian are Chris Distefano. The popular MTV programs “Girl Code” and “Guy Code” are among his creations. One of the featured performers at Carolines on Broadway, a stand-up comedy club in New York City, is Chris. Many of his appearances and concerts have also included writing contributions from him. The majority of the individuals he portrays in his comedic performances are people he actually knows. They are the persons who, in one way or another, have affected his life. Chris has already entered Hollywood and has also made appearances in a few comedic shorts. His filmography includes such well-known titles as “Don Rickles: One Night Only” and “Is This Thing On?” He has worked as a host for programs like “Benders,” “Failosophy,” “Money From Strangers,” and “Ultimate Beastmaster.” Chris has frequently been invited to appear as a guest on radio shows that are hosted by Gregg Hughes and Jim Norton.

Individual Life of Chris Distefano

Chris was born in Brooklyn, New York City, on August 26, 1984. His mother raised him because his father died when he was a little child. Chris studied psychology at St. Joseph’s College and has a bachelor’s degree in the subject. At the New York Institute of Technology, he earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

Chris was dating Carly Aquilino, his co-star in the television series “Girl Code.” They split up a few years later as a result of various personal problems. Chris is currently content in his marriage to Jazzy, a Zumba instructor. Deliah is Chris and Jazzy’s kid, which is a blessing.

The career of Chris Distefano

Chris has always yearned to work in the entertainment industry. His father, who shared his sense of humor, served as an inspiration to him. Chris was a big fan of Jay Leno, a great podcaster. He made the decision to become a comedian at a very young age, which is not surprising.

Chris got his start writing and performing short comedic screenplays at a nearby comedy club. His performances were mostly influenced by Jay Leno’s shows. In addition to doing performances, he also watched other comedians in some of the best comedy clubs. He watched a variety of performances by well-known comics like Chris Rock and Kevin Hart.

Chris began sending his scripts to these prominent comedy clubs at that point. He ultimately had the chance to perform an act at one of the most well-known clubs, Gotham Comedy Club, after receiving a few early rejections. The audience enjoyed each of his performances, and soon offers began to flood in. Chris continued to perform after that at a variety of other comedy clubs, including Carolines on Broadway and Comedy Cellar.

In 2010, Chris made a breakthrough as he presided over the Fencing Masters US Olympics. Chris became the most in-demand celebrity host of the time after showcasing his hosting abilities. Later, in 2011, he hosted the NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Championship.

He made his stand-up comedy debut in the same year. He had an appearance in “Guy Code,” a comedy reality program on MTV2. The show essentially satirizes and skewers the norms of conduct for guys. Since “Guy Code” had a unique and interesting concept, it was well-received and attracted a sizable audience. Later on, it was revealed that the second season of the show—the one in which Chris made his debut—was the most popular. Chris continues to appear on the program.

He once more served as a host in 2012, but this time it was for a comedy program. He presided over Carolines on Broadway’s “March Madness Comedy Competition.” He became one of the well-liked hosts who could amuse others with his wit because of his comedic abilities. For performances by master comedians like Richard Lewis, Gilbert Gottfried, and Artie Lange, he provided the ideal opener.

Chris’ year in 2012 was fortunate because he was chosen from a large pool of comics to appear on Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch.” The performance was a part of New York City’s New Year Festival. He was also given the title “New York’s Funniest” and selected as the screenplay writer for the Carolines on Broadway Breakout Artist Comedy Series.

On the radio program “Opie with Jim Norton,” which is hosted by Gregg Hughes and Jim Norton, Chris has frequently appeared as a guest. Additionally, he has a lengthy relationship with Sirius XM radio. Chris received a role in the MTV series “Girl Code” in 2013. The program addressed girls’ relationships with one another as a continuation of “Guy Code.”

Later, he performed a 90-minute show at Comic-Con 2013, which was held in San Diego, California. He co-hosted the first season of the MTV television program “Ain’t That America” with comedian Lil Duval. Due to the occurrence of violent violence and offensive language, the show was given a TV-14 rating.

Chris’ appearance on CBS’ late-night talk show “Late Show with David Letterman” in 2013 was his most notable work. His first notable television performance was as a guest artist on the program. Additionally, he emceed MTV’s “Charlamagne & Friends” VMA pre-party.

Chris had an appearance in the third “Guy Code” spinoff, “Guy Court,” which aired in the fall of 2013. Men were found guilty of breaking the codes in a mock courtroom scene from the program. Chris portrayed both the judge and the defendant in the episode.

2014 was kicked off by Chris anchoring the sports chat program “Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave.” Actress Melanie Iglesias was with him. After that, he was given the part of Anthony Pucello in the comedy series “Benders.”

Chris Distefano’s wealth, salary, and earnings

As of 2022, Distefano’s net worth is predicted to be around $3 million.

His yearly salary is still being examined, though. His acting, stand-up comedy performances, etc., are his main sources of income.