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Chris Gilly is an American YouTuber who is primarily recognized for co-founding and managing the reaction, hoax, challenge, and vlog channel ‘Chris And Tray’ with Tray Bills, an additional YouTube personality. Gilly, who was formerly well-known under the moniker Clout of Atlanta, is an expert at producing humorous and comedic videos. His exceptional sense of humor enables him to consistently produce original and amusing material. Additionally, the Atlanta native is an accomplished vlogger who delights in sharing his daily life with others. Alongside his companion, he occasionally attempts daring endeavors alongside other well-known online personalities, such as Aden Liban and Nike Boi. Gilly, an affectionate sibling and devoted friend, is a dependable and practical individual in private life. With his captivating, entertaining, and one-of-a-kind videos, the youthful YouTuber is certain to achieve even greater heights in the near future, having already amassed approximately 800,000 subscribers.

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Achieve Stardom About Chris

In January 2017, Chris Gilly and his friend Tray Bills launched the YouTube channel ‘Chris And Tray.’ March 28, 2017, marked the release of the duo’s debut video, titled “Migos – Bad and Boujee ft Lil Uzi Vert Behind the Scenes Vlog/Bloopers.” The ‘If You Rap, You Lose Challenge’ challenge-based video that ensued afterward. In February 2018, Gilly uploaded the video titled “Let’s Kiss Prank On AIRI,” which contributed to the channel’s growth. This music video amassed more than a million views on YouTube due to the considerable favorability of its audience. A number of videos, including hoaxes, challenges, and more, ensued thereafter.

Gilly and Bills also frequently collaborated with other YouTubers/groups, including Aden Liban, Nike Boi, and Banana Crew, on a variety of challenges, hoaxes, and vlogs. The channel co-founded by Chris Gilly and his partner is currently wildly popular. More than 776 thousand subscribers and over 64 million views have been amassed thus far. “Ignoring Prank On AIRI- (She Gets Mad)” and “Annoying Prank On Roommates” are two of the channel’s most popular videos, respectively.

With approximately one million views each, these two hoaxes are hilarious and entertaining. Chris and Tray’s “First Time Performing Our New Song “Pillow Talk” Flop or Bop” video is another amusing segment. The video ‘I Dyed Tray Hair Pink!!!’ stands out among the numerous humorous vlogs on their channel. Chris dyes Tray’s hair pink while he is asleep in this video. Tray experiences the most shocking moment of his life when he peers into the mirror upon rising. This incredible video is something you must watch.

Individual Life About Chris

Chris Gilly was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, on May 8, 1997. The eldest of his two siblings is his brother and sister. Regarding Gilly’s parents, no information is available. Numerous fellow YouTubers are among his close acquaintances, including, among others, ‘Iam Just Airi,’ ‘Carmen and Corey,’ ‘Banana Crew,’ Nike Boi, and Aden Liban. A considerable number of Chris Gilly’s most popular and viewed videos feature Xxxtentacion tracks.

Estimated Net Worth

Chris is one of the wealthiest American YouTube celebrities. Our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicate that Chris Gilly has a net worth of $5 million.