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American music producer Chris Ivery is best known as the spouse of Ellen Pompeo of “Grey’s Anatomy” fame. Chris’s domestic life has garnered more media attention than his career. Chris and Ellen have been together for more than ten years, and they are the proud parents of three beautiful children. Despite being the subject of numerous rumors and controversies, they remain in love and together. His connection with Ellen is well-known, but not much is known about his musical career. In addition to making a few TV cameos, he wrote the lyrics to the song “Cheers (Drink To That),” which was played during the television show “Smash.” Chris has a violent history and has been convicted of a number of crimes.

Career of Chris Ivery

In the early years of his career, Chris penned the lyrics of the song ‘Cheers (Drink To That),’ which was part of the TV program ‘Smash.’ Later, the tune became a massive hit and aided Chris’ entry into the music business.
In an installment of the “Punk’d” reality series on “MTV,” Chris played a practical joke on his wife. Additionally, he has made a cameo on the talk program “Entertainment Tonight.”
Chris’s net wealth was reportedly around $10 million in 2017. He has a pricey “Range Rover” and a Malibu beach home worth more than $6 million.

Marriage of Chris Ivery

Chris is wed to actress Ellen Pompeo, best known for playing “Dr. Meredith Grey” in the hit television series “Grey’s Anatomy.”

In 2003, Chris and Ellen first encountered in a supermarket in Los Angeles. Six months after they first became acquaintances, they started dating. They soon discovered they shared a lot in common. For instance, they had both lived within ten miles of one another while growing up just outside of Boston. A few years later, Chris proposed with a 3.5-carat diamond band on Ellen’s 37th birthday.

On November 9, 2007, Chris and Ellen exchanged vows at City Hall in New York. Michael Bloomberg, who was the mayor of New York City at the time, attended the ceremony as a witness.
On September 15, 2009, the pair gave birth to their daughter Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery. Stella’s infant wardrobe was created by Chris, who enjoys dressing her up.

With the aid of a surrogate, Chris and Ellen became parents for the second time. Sienna May, their second child, was born in 2014. Eli Christopher, their lone child, was delivered on December 29, 2016.

Criminal History of Chris Ivery

Chris has a history of crime. At least 13 criminal crimes, including drug trafficking, forgery, credit card fraud, postal theft, and probation breaches, have resulted in his conviction in the past. Additionally, he has done three terms of prison time, one of which was in federal prison. Chris has since been cleared of all allegations and has undergone a transformation.

When Chris was just 19 years old, his criminal past began. He was detained for the first time in 1987 for narcotics possession. He received a three-month jail term as punishment. Later, he was imprisoned once more for the same crime. Chris received a 15-month sentence at a federal jail in Pennsylvania for accepting stolen goods. He was once more imprisoned in 1998 for having a 10-pound UPS box of marijuana in his possession. Chris eventually received a clean bill of health after six months.

Before they got married, Chris told Ellen about his criminal history. He attributed his transgressions to his challenging upbringing in the “blue-collar” Boston neighborhoods. She accepted him with his past and knew why he had committed those crimes.

Rumors & Disputations

Chris and Ellen have been dating for more than ten years. Despite having experienced many highs and lows in their relationship, they are still together and have a close marriage.

There was once a rumor that Chris had asked a young girl to go home with him while they were both attending a “Guns N’ Roses” performance. The rumor first surfaced in 2012 after a report about it was released by the celebrity news website Hollywood Life. Chris and Ellen’s divorce was soon the subject of rumors, which were subsequently refuted.

Individual Life of Chris Ivery

Chris was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the US, on February 7, 1967. He studied there, Harvard University. The American basketball squad known as the “Boston Celtics” is adored by both Chris and Ellen. They frequently appear to be enjoying hoops and supporting their preferred squad.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Chris Ivery is about $1 million.