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Los Angeles, California
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Christian Coma is a well-known musician and actor in the United States. He joined the ‘Black Veil Brides’ as their primary drummer in 2010 and has contributed to a number of chart-topping albums, including ‘Set the World on Fire,’ ‘Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones,’ and the band’s self-titled album. He had a natural predisposition to learn music as a child and soon discovered a medium in the drums. He is a professional and trained jazz player, yet he listens to a wide variety of music genres to keep his music current and diverse. He has a strong fan base on social media, having over 430,000 followers on Instagram and about 497,000 followers on Twitter. On and off stage, he is noted for his all-black outfits, long hair, and black body paint. Since his work with the music group, he has earned a number of major accolades.

Early Years & Professional Career

Christian Coma began playing the drums when he was nine years old. He competed in multiple high school competitions and was a member of nearly a dozen bands before ‘Black Veil Brides’ discovered him.

He began recording his first studio album and the group’s second album, ‘Set the World on Fire,’ shortly after joining the band in 2010.

The single ‘Rebel Love Song’ from the album earned critical acclaim and was named first in the ‘Alternate Press’s Music Video of the Year competition. Another successful soundtrack followed, with the EP ‘Rebels’ garnering equal acclaim in 2012.

In the same year, he made his acting debut in the film ‘Legion of the Black,’ as ‘The Destroyer.’
In five episodes of the TV show ‘Average Joe,’ he played Clarence, a recurrent character.

‘Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones’, the band’s third studio album, reached number seven on the ‘US Billboard 200’ music chart and number three on the ‘US Billboard Rock Chart’ in 2013.

He claimed in an interview in early 2014 that the band had started production on their fourth studio album, which will be self-titled and released before the end of the year.

On October 27th, the album was released on radio and in music stores all over the world. The album’s promising beat kept it at number ten on the US Billboard 200 and thirteen on the Canadian Billboard Charts.

He has been on multiple tours to promote his CD over his 7-year tenure with the band. He has won numerous awards with his band, including the ‘Kerrang Award for Best Album and Best Single in 2012’ and the ‘Alternative Press Music Award 2015’ for ‘Album of the Year.’

What Is It About Christian Coma That Is So Unique?

Christian isn’t conceited about his achievements, despite the fact that he is a gifted musician. His down-to-earth manner and passion for his fans elevate him to even greater heights. He is upbeat and hopeful about life’s changes.

His tall and slim figure has made him a hit with the ladies. He has an insatiable love for music and spends countless hours honing his drumming talents. He has a unique gothic fashion sense that has catapulted him into the spotlight.

The Beyond Notoriety

Few people realize how influential bands like ‘Pendulum,’ ‘In Flames,’ ‘Deadmau5’, and ‘Rise Against’ have been to Christian Coma.

Chris enjoys spending his days at the beach with his family and friends when he is not picking up the latest beats and producing new rhythms. He is known for partying with his best friend, Sandra, and spending most of his leisure time with his friends.

He also enjoys watching television while drinking Cherry Pepsi, his favorite beverage. His favorite color is green, despite the fact that he almost always wears black because it is the theme color of his band. When it comes to music genres, trance, rap, and metal are at the top of his list.

Chris Personal Experiences

Christian Coma was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 21, 1985. His family is unknown, however, he appears to be incredibly close to Sandra Alvarenga, the ex-drummer of his current band.

He also refers to his bandmates as family and posts images of them partying on his ‘Instagram’ account.

In 2013, Christian had a significant relationship with Lauren Watson, however, the two finally split up. He is currently single and is pursuing his music career with greater zeal than before.

Estimated Net worth

Christian Coma’s net worth is about $1 million.