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American social media influencer Christina Dobre is well-known for working together on a joint “YouTube” channel with her fiancé, social media personality Cyrus Dobre. Since they launched the channel soon after they started dating, most of the videos on it are about their relationship. Christina was a fan of Cyrus’s before she started dating him. She frequently appears in the videos on Cyrus and his brothers’ joint channel. Additionally, the video of Cyrus proposing to Christina was hosted on the channel. Christina is active on Instagram and TikTok as well. She uses these social media channels to showcase her love of singing and dancing.

Growth on Social Media

In July 2018, Christina made her social media debut by launching a joint channel with Cyrus Dobre, her boyfriend at the time. Entitled ‘Cyrus and Christina,’ the channel has amusing videos of the two of them.

The majority of the vlogs they make contain information on their relationship. They also produce challenge films and practical joke videos. Despite only recently launching their channel, Christina and Cyrus have already amassed millions of subscribers. “SPENDING THE NIGHT IN A RESTAURANT!,” “SHE NEVER EXPECTED THIS TO HAPPEN!,” “She got surgery… (emotional),” “24 HOURS HANDCUFFED TO MY WIFE!,” “I BOUGHT MY WIFE A BOAT!,” “COUPLE vs. COUPLE GYM CHALLENGE (hilarious),” “SWITCHING OUTFITS FOR THE DAY (Funny Couples Edition),” “FUNNY BABY IN PUBLIC!” The most recent of them, with over seven million “views” to date, is the most popular on the channel. For their channel, Christina and Cyrus have also recorded a song video. The official music video for “Stina Kayy & Cyrus Dobre – XO” has received over two million views so far. There are currently around 903,00 subscribers to the channel. Christina can be seen on the channel “Dobre Brothers” in addition to her joint channel. She has appeared in a number of the channel’s joke and challenge videos.

Christina is active on ‘TikTok,’ where she shares videos of herself dancing and lip-syncing. She’s also active on ‘Instagram,’ where she has over 220,000 followers thanks to her posts.

Christina Dobre’s Connection to Cyrus

In 2017, Christina started dating Cyrus. It was on his channel, “Dobre Brothers,” which he runs with his brothers, Lucas, Marcus, and Darius, that she first saw Cyrus. Christina developed an immediate crush on Cyrus because she thought he was cute. She later emailed Cyrus a video as a fan. The video featured Christina singing a love tune. That gesture won Cyrus over, and they finally struck up a phone conversation.

On July 10, 2018, Cyrus asked Christina to marry him. The proposal video was uploaded on “Dobre Brothers.” Titled ‘THE BEST PROPOSAL IN THE WORLD!,’ the video has amassed over 13 million “views,” making it one of the most popular on the channel. Their followers are counting down the days till their wedding. Fans have been assured by Christina and Cyrus that they would vlog about their wedding day.

Their relationship is the subject of the majority of the videos on their joint channel. On the day Christina had surgery, they created a vlog. On the other hand, the video did not disclose the cause behind the procedure.

Individual Life of Christina Dobre

On September 20, 1997, Christina Kay was born in the United States.

The net worth of Christina Dobre

The estimated net worth of Christina Dobre is about $2 million.