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Christopher Nowinski is a former professional wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment in the United States. He retired due to post-concussion syndromes and went on to raise awareness about head injury in contact sports and its long-term consequences. In his book ‘Head Games: Football’s Concussion Crisis,’ he chronicled his own experiences as well as those of other wrestlers and footballers. He co-founded the Concussion Legacy Foundation (CLF) with Dr. Robert Cantu, which undertakes research on brain damage caused by concussions. He is the current CEO of CLF and a co-director of BUSM’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, which he helped found. He also works hard to persuade family members of athletes who die unnaturally to donate brain tissue for research. He has made numerous appearances in the media to discuss concussion, including pieces in ‘The New York Times’ and TV shows like as ’60 Minutes’ and ‘Frontline.’ He was a non-medical authority on concussions on Stan Lee’s ‘Superhumans.’

Childhood and Adolescence

Christopher John Nowinski was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, on September 24, 1978. He grew up in the area and attended John Hersey High School. He earned an A.B. in Sociology from Harvard University, where he graduated with honors in 2000. For his university football team, he was an All-Ivy defensive tackle. He graduated from Boston University School of Medicine with a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience in 2017.

Career in Wrestling

Following his graduation from Harvard, Christopher Nowinski was hired by Trinity Partners, LLC, a bio sciences consulting firm. During his stay at the company, he developed an interest in the pharmaceutical development industry. During his time as a player, he enjoyed the physicality of getting into a good fight, so he decided to try his luck as a professional wrestler. He enrolled in Killer Kowalski’s Institute of Professional Wrestling and began taking classes at night while still working at Trinity.

In 2001, he competed in the inaugural season of WWE’s ‘Tough Enough,’ a professional wrestling reality television series in which contestants are trained and compete for a WWE contract. He was one of three finalists and came in second place behind Maven Huffman. On December 14, 2001, he made an independent appearance for the Frontier Wrestling Alliance organization at the ‘Lights Camera Action’ show in London, UK, under the ring name Chris Harvard. In the show’s main event, he teamed up with Alex Shane and defeated Drew McDonald and Flash Barker, putting on one of his best performances outside of WWE.

He was quickly hired by WWE and made his debut on June 10, 2002, on ‘Monday Night RAW,’ where he assisted William Regal in defeating Bradshaw in a European Championship match. In his first match, he defeated Spike Dudley with Regal on his side the following week. On the June 24 episode of ‘Raw,’ he teamed up with Regal to defeat Bradshaw and Dudley once more, and the feud continued for the next few weeks. On the July 8, 2002 program, he was paired with Jackie Gayda and lost to Bradshaw and Trish Stratus in a rematch.

On September 9, 2002, Christopher Nowinski won a rivalry with The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and Spike), followed by another with Tommy Dreamer, but was later attacked in a classroom by Dreamer. He finished the rivalry on RAW on October 14, 2002, by defeating Dreamer for the second time, and went on to defeat Jeff Hardy and Booker T in the weeks that followed. His next rivalry was with Al Snow, his old ‘Tough Enough’ trainer, who teamed up with Maven on November 25, 2002 after two consecutive defeats, however the match ended in a no-contest.

On two occasions, he defeated Snow and Maven alongside D’Lo Brown, but on the January 13, 2003 episode of Raw, he was defeated by Maven and Test. He competed in the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event, but Rey Mysterio eliminated him. On March 31, 2003, he began a feud with Scott Steiner, although he lost both alone and with La R√©sistance (Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier) to him on May 12, 2003. He teamed up with Rodney Mack and Theodore Long in a losing effort against The Dudley Boyz after joining the African American wrestling stable Thuggin’ And Buggin’ Enterprises (Bubba Ray, Devon and Spike).

At Bad Blood on June 23, 2003, he paired up with Mack to defeat Bubba Ray and Devon. He lost against Maven on the same day and had a major concussion, which developed into post-concussion syndrome as he continued to train in the weeks afterward, unsure of the degree of the injury. He was forced to quit as a result, but he returned to WWE on December 12, 2005, claiming that the new General Manager of ‘Raw’ should be a “Harvard Graduate,” which he is.

The Legacy Foundation for Consensus

In his self-published book ‘Head Games: Football’s Concussion Crisis,’ Christopher Nowinski detailed his career-ending injury and emphasized the hazards of concussions in sports, particularly football. Aside from his own experiences, the book included accounts from other NFL players and wrestlers, as well as an introduction by Jesse Ventura, a former governor of Minnesota and professional wrestler. He took the initiative in November 2006 to launch an investigation into the death of Andre Waters, a 44-year-old former NFL defensive back who shot himself. He had a key role in the finding of the fourth case of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in former NFL player Justin Strzelczyk, as well as dementia in Chris Benoit, who murdered his family twice before killing himself.

He co-founded the Sports Legacy Institute in June 2007, which was renamed the Concussion Legacy Foundation (CLF) in September 2015, to conduct research on sports-related brain injuries and raise sports safety awareness. On September 5, 2007, ESPN aired an episode of ‘Outside the Lines,’ which detailed his efforts. CLF formed a relationship with Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) in September 2008, founding the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE Center).

The organization launched the Coaches Concussion Clinic program the following year to educate coaches, athletes, and parents about sports injuries. Dr. Cantu, a CLF co-founder, wrote the preface to an updated version of his book in 2012, which was also made into the documentary film ‘Head Games,’ directed by Steve James. In 2014, the book and documentary were renamed ‘Head Games: the Global Concussion Crisis.’

Major Projects of Christopher

Since retiring from wrestling, Christopher Nowinski has focused on raising awareness of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) caused by concussions in contact sports. While his book was the first to raise awareness about the CTE epidemic, the Concussion Legacy Foundation has done groundbreaking research in this subject.

Achievements & Awards

Christopher Nowinski is the first Harvard alumnus to wrestle for WWE. He was the youngest wrestler to win the WWE Hardcore Championship twice.

Estimated Net Worth

Christopher Nowinski is one of the wealthiest wrestlers and one of the most popular. Christopher Nowinski’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


Christopher Nowinski became interested in juvenile football in the seventh grade, but his mother forbade him from playing until he was in high school due to concerns about knee injury. Ironically, it was in a wrestling contest that he sustained the career-ending kick.

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